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"Overall the course really helped me in studying electrical engineering as I was out of school for more than 10 years."--Manual

"The course was very helpgul to refresh my memory. I have been out of college for 4 years, and many of the topics seemed difficult until they were explained by the tutors. Overall it was a great course."--Eva

"My job requires me to have a PE for further job advancement. Having been 25 years since I graduated, I needed a review course to pass the FE. Although the first two weeks were rough because I had to relearn all the math, I found my groove and was able to keep up with the class. I found the class fun once we got into the Electrical Engineering material. Overall, I passed the FE on my first attempt and I will register for the PE review course through PPI. It's a ton of work, but I do not think I would have passed without this class."--Dale

"To have the opportunity to study with others is very beneficial to me. This course pushed me to study every single day. Without this course, I would've failed my FE exam."--Abby

"Great class. The quiz bank and live classes will guide you and help you gain the knowledge you need for exam day. Great course for someone who has been out of school for some time."--Colin

"This course was very vital to my passing the exam. I had so many practice problems with detailed solutions and explanations coupled with the instructor's tips to solving practice questions. After solving all the problems in the quiz bank and homework problems, you will be confident enough to go and ace the exam."--Charles

"This class was instrumental to my passing the FE Electrical and Computer exam. I graduated in 1999 from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering. My GPA was 2.91 and my major GPA was much lower than that, so I was not a top student by any measure. My new employer values the PE license (and sponsored me for this course). I wanted to obtain the PE, but had a lot of trepidation about how long it had been since I studied the subjects.The first week of class I was sure I had made a huge mistake because I remembered so little. However, I put the time in to attend every class and to complete all of the homework (really trying to do every problem from scratch despite how long it took). I think the practice exam was also key as it pulled topics together and refreshed a bit on what had been taught several weeks prior. I took the exam within one week of the course ending, and I passed. I was pretty well prepared and I found the exam to be easier than the practice exam. There is no way I would have passed without this class, because I would have gotten stuck on my weak areas and would not have moved along fast enough to get through all the material in enough time to still retain it for the exam."--Sarah

"I took this class after being out of college for over 6 years. I was intimidated by the FE exam, so I signed up to take this course. This course helped refresh how to solve problems like I did back in my college days. I passed the exam on my first attempt thanks to this course, and I am very thankful for the course and the instructor. I would recommend this for anyone taking the exam, especially if you have been out of school for several years."--Justin

"I was really debating on whether or not to take this course compared to another course that was cheaper, and I am so glad I did. I had decided to go with PPI given the reviews here and all the other materials provided to you and couldn't have been happier. The instructor was very knowledgeable and presented the subjects of the course very well and had great advice about the exam. The quiz bank also helped me out A LOT with practice problems that are similar to the questions you could expect with the exam. I would not say this course is a cake walk by any means, but if you want to without a doubt pass the exam, and are willing to dedicate the time and energy it takes, you will definitely pass! I'm proud to say I passed on the first try!"--John

"I graduated with an electrical engineering degree in 2005. I never used my degree and did different jobs. Mainly, I was a high school math teacher for 8 years. Fast forward to 2015. I was burnt out with my career in education and wanted to use my degree. I got a job as an electrical designer and decided to take the FE. I signed up for the PPI course and it was everything I needed. It gave me a structured study schedule, a friendly knowledgeable instructor, and also the framework to meet other people I could compare notes and ideas with. This framework is what kept me going when I thought I was too tired to keep going. I still needed to put in extra hours with youtube and other practice problems. But, without PPI, I know I wouldn't have been able to do it. I will be signing up with PPI again to take the PE. Thank-you PPI!"--Tamara

"It had been 25+ years since completing my undergraduate engineering program, and I was pretty intimidated taking the FE (Electrical & Computer) Exam for the first time. I found the review manual extremely valuable as both a reference and guide to the breadth/depth of my studying. The lecture handouts were also excellent complementary resources. The work was VERY intense, but also VERY rewarding - I passed the FE exam on the first attempt, and am now looking forward to taking the PE Exam preparation course. Thank you, PPI!"--Bill

"If you have been out of school for a couple of years, this course is extremely beneficial. It contains a comprehensive review of all my undergraduate coursework; combined with suggested study schedules, it helped tremendously. The best tools that came with this course were the quiz generator and the practice exams. I utilized these extensively, and have no doubt that they were instrumental to my preparations. I took the FE exam roughly a month after the end of the course and passed!"--Phillip

"The FE is predominately a 'plug-and-chug' style test. You only need to be knowledgeable enough to find the right equation and then press with the mathematic/algebraic exercise required to get an answer. The review course does an excellent job of providing many and varied different problems for you to solve. Here's the catch: you still need to put in the effort and solve the problems. Sounds obvious, but this isn't high school and the instructor isn't going to spoon feed you the information and follow up on you. Lastly, I don't like online format courses but this one was better than most. The instructor can't see the confused look on your face, so you need to pipe up (via text) during the lectures! They are super responsive."--Will

"This course helped me tremendously! It’s hard for me to make and follow my own study schedule. The structure of the class was what I needed, and it was very beneficial to me. If you’ve been out of school for a few years, this is the course to take. I passed right after taking this course! The course is set up to make you accountable for the homework and quizzes, same as an online class, giving you the structure you need. Thanks PPI!"--Joey


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