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"This is by far the best course I have taken to prepare for the FE exam. I like the simulation of the test like questions, timer, the book is very well written. Overall great course, will definitely use for the PE."--Marisol

"PPI is a useful study tool for those who want to brush up on every subject on the FE exam. The online live problem solving sessions were very beneficial to me."--Christopher

"The class was amazing. I definitely know without a doubt this class is the reason I was able to pass the exam this time. My only regret is not taking this class the first time around."--Kourtney

"Very helpful for someone who needs help. Great community to join to succeed in exams."--Prabesh

"Great way to prep for the exam, especially if you have been out of school for a few years. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get the FE and I will return for my PE review."--Stephen

"I had taken the exam twice before and was struggling to maintain consistent study habits amidst my busy work schedule, so I am very glad that I paid the money to take this course. It was well worth the expenses and the time. The study materials, online quizzes, homework, structure, office hours and live lectures are a huge help to staying on track with FE study preparation."--Austin

"I have been out of school for a while and I really needed a course that could help me review the topics for the exam. I would suggest anyone taking the FE exam to use your time wisely and practice and review your homework prepared during this course. Instructor is very helpful when I needed help in the discussion forum. Good course."--Ana

"This course far exceeds the review my UC college provided for the FE. It covered a wide range of topics, and I felt nothing was really left out in the course that I needed for the FE. I feel more prepared to take my PE exam down the road after such an expansive review of all civil engineering topics."--Mark

"The first time I took the exam, I failed, and according to NCEES' breakdown, I needed to focus on quite a few subjects. I was disheartened and didn't know what to do. I would intermittently study but wasn't sure if I wanted to take the exam again. It wasn't until my parents suggested this course that I decided to give it a go. The classes meet twice a week and during that time you will cover, at least, two different subjects. The class is very informative, and while it is fast paced, you will learn a lot. The instructor makes sure to answer any of your questions and encourages everyone to participate/answer questions that other students might have. Also, if anyone ever had any questions concerning the homework, the instructor is more than willing to help, either in the online forum to show you the steps or in class so that everyone can get a detailed explanation. About a month after the class ended, with some focused studying, I took the exam again and PASSED! I truly appreciate all of the help that the instructor gave and would highly recommend this course to anyone who struggled as much as I did. When the time comes for my PE, I hope to take the class offered through PPI."--Tyler

"The course allowed interaction with other students. The Quiz Bank is simple to use and allows you to pick the number of questions and subject areas you want to practice. This allows for practice problems every day, even doing one question if that is all the time you have. The course concentrates on the areas most asked on the FE exam. Course is well worth the money and very informative. It was a great refresher course for being out of school for 16 years."--Lisa

"I have my education and experience outside the US. I decided to work in the US after 7 years of gap. I decided to take the exam, but to prepare for the exam looked difficult after so many years. So I registered for the FE Civil Review Course offered by PPI. The course is very well managed and very thorough. It covers all the information required to appear for the exam. It explains all the knowledge area in detail to get a better understanding of the subject. The material provided was very helpful and the instructor was awesome. It really helped me to pass this exam in my first attempt. Thank you PPI!"--Vinaya

"I took the FE once before getting this course package and boy did it make a difference. Before I got this course, I did the bare minimum studying and just did very poorly on the exam. But with the help of the quiz bank and the online classes, it made the second test an absolute breeze. But that being said, I studied for 2 months straight every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for 4 hours. If you are motivated to pass, and are willing to put in the work to prepare for the test, I promise that you will do great! I HIGHLY recommend this product!"--Kyle

"Without the course, I wouldn't have passed. I tried to study on my own, but I found myself being extremely unorganized and not focusing on one subject at a time. The course, along with the homework and practice exam, really focus your time on what you need to pass. If you've tried on your own to study or even if you're fresh out of school, this course will help tremendously. Now on to the PE."--Jason

"This course can help anyone who needs a refresher to the subject matters, and those that want to solidify their knowledge before taking the FE. Make sure to use your time wisely and study hard and you will definitely pass."--Daniel

"I was skeptical paying so much for a review class but I am very glad I did. All of the materials were great and very helpful. After the class was completed, I had taken over 20 timed practice quizzes, 2 assessment tests and one full practice exam which you can not get from NCESS. Not only did the class cover topics that I had never learned in school, but the instructor did a great job going over the topics thoroughly at pace in which I could understand them. Not going to lie, I had to put my life on hold to take this review class because it was at least a 20 extra hours a week with the classes, homework and quizzes, but it was worth it in the end. I have already recommended the course to other people and will continue to do so."--C. Bishop

"The course was very informative. The quiz bank, assessment and final exam is a must-do, and do as many quiz bank questions as possible. Very helpful on the exam. The online questions are very similar to the actual FE test."--Alexander

"The FE test has been looming over me for about 12 years. I never took it out of college, and took it once in 2006 (without any preparation) and failed. Over the last three years I have been taking meager, and often disheartening, stabs at studying. I was glad to learn about your class, which is one of few appropriate for people who have been out of school for a while. I found it was particularly good at keeping me on pace and moving through the subjects. I learned yesterday that I passed the test! It is an incredible weight off. Thank you so much for all of your help."--Cate


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