FE Chemical Prep Courses

"Dr. Maffia was great and offered some great test-taking advice (time savers, etc.), provided additional problems, and made the classes 'real world' applicable."

"Good news! I passed the FE. Your help has certainly attributed to my success. I felt very prepared going into the exam room. I definitely plan on enrolling in the PE course once I'm qualified to take the exam in 4 years."

"It is very helpful to be able to review the classes later in the week. Seeing and hearing the problems done helps to get the rusty brain cells moving again. I've been out of college for about 5 years now and it is hard becoming a student again. However, this class is helping me get some confidence back. I wish I had Dr. Maffia as an instructor in college."

"The organization and schedule of classes was the most beneficial part of the course. I believe I could not be motivated to study if I was studying by myself."


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