What is the NCEES PE exam?

The NCEES PE exam (Principles and Practice of Engineering exam) is the exam you need to pass in order to become a professional licensed engineer in the United States. The PE tests your knowledge for a minimum level of competency in an engineering discipline of your choice.

You can take the PE exam after passing your FE exam and gaining at least 4 years of relevant post-college work experience. Once you pass, you are able to put the designation “P.E.” after your name, indicating that you are a Professional Engineer.



Why become a PE?

Passing the PE exam doesn’t just signal to others that you are at the top of your field; it’s also a gateway to pay raises, promotions, and career opportunities like consulting and stamping designs. Beyond personal gain, obtaining your PE license benefits the public by ensuring that important engineering activities are only completed by those who have the proper knowledge and training.

Engineers challenge themselves with the important task of protecting public safety, and obtaining your PE license is a pledge to uphold the high standards of the profession. Professional Engineers help keep our communities healthier, safer, and more efficient. Pursuing PE licensure is an honorable and responsible path for any engineer.




Wondering where to start?

Check to see if your employer has an assistance program for licensure. They might even pay for your exam fees and review materials, and provide you with mentorship from a Professional Engineer at your firm. You’ll also want to review the exam specs for your discipline. The exam specs tell you all the knowledge areas you’ll be tested on, in addition to the design standards they follow.

Preparing for the PE exam? Test your skills with a free sample quiz. Choose your discipline: PE Civil, PE Electrical, or PE Mechanical.

If you’re ready to start preparing for your PE exam, start by choosing your discipline and selecting the review path that works for your skill level and study needs. A prep course is a great way to prepare for your exam, including expert instruction and all the materials you need to prepare. Looking for more information? Learn more about the PE exam in our PE Resource Center.


More Information on the PE Exam

Find all the information you need to pass your NCEES PE exam in the PE Resource Center. 

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