Reciprocal Licenses, Reciprocity, and Comity

I took the FE exam in another state. Now, I'm living here. What do I have to do to transfer my EIT/FE certificate?
In most cases, you don't have to do anything. Since the FE exam is the same in all states, it is accepted by all states. When you fill out your PE exam application, just list the state, date, and your EIT certificate number. The exception to this rule is if you received a waiver on your FE exam from anther state. It may not be recognized in any other states.

If I get a PE license in one state, will I automatically be a PE in another state?

No. It may be relatively easy to get a reciprocal license, but it isn't automatic.

If I am a PE in one state, will I have to take the PE exam again to get a license in another state?
If you took an 8-hour NCEES PE exam in one state, you won't have to take the same exam in another state. If you got your PE license by some non-examination method (e.g., interview, eminence, grandfathering), if you took a non-NCEES exam, or if you took an NCEES exam in a different discipline, you will have to take an NCEES exam.

Do some states have extra or special exams? How do they work? Who writes these?
Some states have special exams covering topics unique to those states. Many states have "law and ethics" exams covering their state laws and board rules. California has special exams in seismic design and surveying for civil engineers. Exams in cold-regions engineering (Alaska) and high winds (Florida) are also used. The states contract with subject matter experts to have these exams prepared. You will take these exams on a different day from the 8-hour PE exam. Administrative procedures differ from state to state.

Do all states have the same licenses?
No. Some states offer only a generic PE license. Some states register by discipline (e.g., "civil engineer," "mechanical engineer," etc.). Some states offer licenses unique to those states (e.g., "maritime engineer," "traffic engineer," etc.)

Do all states license by discipline?
No. Most states have a generic PE license.

Can I get a reciprocal license for my Philippines PE license?
No, even though the PI PE exam is quite rigorous.

Can I get a reciprocal license for my license from England? Germany? Japan? Any other country?

What about NAFTA?
With the exception of Texas, states do not currently recognize certifications from other countries.