PE Licensure in the Philippine Islands

Other than the United States, the Philippines are the only country to license Professional Engineers by examination. Various exams (the "Engineering Boards," "Board Exams," or just "Boards") are administered by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) in Manila. These exams may be taken by any graduate of a five-year engineering program. The only requirements are a diploma and transcript of records issued by the university.

The engineering disciplines have different examination and experience requirements for licensing. For example, civil engineering and geodetic graduates take one exam; mechanical engineers take two exams; and, electrical engineers take three exams. Most exam problems are multiple choice and machine-graded.

The civil engineering exam is administered over two days. Mathematics and surveying are tested on the first day. On the second day, the morning session covers hydraulics, water supply, hydrology, and wastewater. The afternoon session covers design and construction in concrete, steel, timber, and masonry, as well as seismic design.

Electrical engineers who pass the first exam are designated as "Associate Electrical Engineers." Associate EEs are limited in authority as to what they may sign off on. After a specific number of years, the Assistant Electrical Engineer exam may be taken. Similarly, after addition experience, the Professional Electrical Engineer exam may be taken.

The two mechanical engineering exams are similarly separated by a certain number of years of experience.

PE License Reciprocity with the United States

The Philippines' professional engineering license is not recognized in the United States. At one time, California permitted Filipino PEs to skip the FE exam. However, this is no longer the case.

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Edgar S. Surla, Board Certified Civil Engineer (Philippines), Board Certified Jr. Geodetic Engineer (Philippines), EIT (US), Project Detailer, Dick Pacific Construction, Guam.

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