Mechanical PE prep course testimonials

"This course is a very valuable tool to prepare for the exam. Not only does it give a structured study plan to follow, but the instructor follows the topic breakdown which ensures you keep up on your end as well. The class material, homework, and discussions were all great in preparation. The interaction with the instructor and other students was very helpful and gave some great insights for preparation as well as content and problem solving methods. You will not regret taking this prep course because it will make you feel absolutely ready when you enter those doors come exam day."--Michael S., 2016 Mechanical PE student

"This course is a great resource for studying for the PE exam. The course follows a rigorous but helpful schedule. The office hours are a great resource for anyone who needs questions answered outside of class. I felt very prepared going into the exam."--Kelly O., 2016 Mechanical PE student

"I definitely recommend taking the live online review course. My instructor provides excellent handouts and his knowledge regarding the test is excellent. He focused on the important topics, made recommendations about topics students should review on their own, and was very prompt to respond to questions posted on the forum or via email, including up to the night before the exam."--Robert F., 2016 Mechanical PE student

"I was very rusty in all of the areas I hadn't used in my day-to-day work. I have been out of school for 30 years. The structured lectures and homework helped me get back in practice. My instructor provided basic theory and techniques that were very helpful in the homework, practice exams and, of course, the actual exam. There was also good feedback and help from the other students—I had no idea AISC had such a great beam reference! It's definitely hard work but definitely worth it! I went into the exam nervous and left confident. I wouldn't have been able to do this without PPI."--Maureen L., 2016 Mechanical PE student

"This review course is very much rigorous, but the amount of problems and difficulty of subjects very much cover what you need to be prepared for on the exam. The course also allows you to interact with other PE exam takers to be able to ask them questions and learn from other students. The instructor was very knowledgeable in the exam topic areas and will answer all questions. The course materials are very helpful in learning what will be on the exam and is often more difficult than actual exam questions, but will prepare you for the test."--Justin M., 2016 Mechanical PE student


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