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FAQs about the PE Civil Exam

What is the format of the NCEES PE Civil Exam?

The NCEES PE exam is an 8-hour exam with 80 questions, with the exception of the Chemical PE exam, which is a 9-hour CBT exam beginning in 2018. See the NCEES website for more details.

What reference material is permitted in the exam?

See What to Bring to the PE Exam for details on what you should and shouldn't bring to the exam.

Are tabs permitted on my exam references?

Most states will allow you to use “permanent” (glued or taped on, not easily removable) tabs on your references. Some states even allow Post-It® notes. Check with your state board to confirm its policy on tabs.

What is the exam’s pencil policy?

NCEES will provide you with the mechanical pencil must use for the exam. The supplied pencils use 0.7 mm lead. You may bring extra lead and your own eraser.

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The NCEES PE Civil exam is open book. Bring the PE Civil Reference Manual and your exam-specific depth reference with you on exam day. Practice is the key to exam success. PPI offers a combination of print, online review, and digital practice.