PE Environmental Learning Hub - 6 Months

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PE Environmental Learning Hub - 6 Months

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PE Environmental Learning Hub - 6 Months

PPI Learning Hub is the go-to destination for NCEES PE Environmental exam prep. Our philosophy has a simple framework: kick-off your studies with a personalized PPI Study Plan, then “Assess, Review, and Practice” until you are ready for exam day. 

PPI’s 6 Month PE Environmental subscription is the ideal choice if you are just getting started with your study process and want a structured plan and plenty of time to get ready for your exam.

  ● PE Environmental Study Plan acts as a central hub, assigning tasks and connecting directly to digital products, to keep you on track for your exam date.
  ● Twelve Diagnostic Exams with exam-like questions that will test your knowledge and assess your skill level.
  ● Michael R. Lindeburg PE’s PE Environmental Review Web Book offers focused review of all exam topics with NCEES PE Environmental Reference Handbook call-outs and detailed problem solving examples.
  ● Michael R. Lindeburg PE’s PE Environmental Practice Problem Web Book contains problems similar in length and format, references to NCEES PE Environmental Reference Handbook, and step-by-step solutions to ensure confidence on exam day.
  ● Quiz Generator lets examinees create custom quizzes with unique problems from a database of over 800 problems to master problem-solving skills for each topic.
  ● Two Full Practice Exams with 80 multiple-choice problems consistent with NCEES exam format, scope of topics, number of problems, and level of difficulty.

Additional Features:

  • Performance reports that let you track your weakness and strengths for each section

  • Take your review on-the- go with access anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet or phone

To learn more about subscriptions visit our Subscription FAQ's page.

PPI study tools work in unity, are current to exam specifications, and follow NCEES exam guidelines. 


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