PPI Author Spotlight Alan Williams, PhD, SE, FICE, C Eng

Dr. Alan Williams is a registered professional engineer and structural engineer in California, a Fellow and Life Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and a Chartered Engineer in the United Kingdom. He obtained his BS and PhD degrees at Leeds University. His extensive practical experience includes the design and construction of bridges, schools, and industrial and commercial structures. Currently he is employed as a senior engineer with the California Department of Transportation.

Dr. Williams is the Author of

Structural Engineering Reference Manual


Structural Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam

Structural Engineering Reference Manual
Structural Depth Reference Manual
From the Author
  • What inspired you to become an engineer?

    A desire to emulate the achievements of past engineers.

  • What do you find most rewarding about your profession?

    The ability to design and construct buildings and bridges that benefit the public and that will endure long after my lifespan.

  • Is there a particular project that you were involved with that was an exceptional experience?

    The first bridge project (Nyakupinga River Bridge) on which I was involved is the one that I recall as the most rewarding of my professional career. As a young engineer, straight out of college, it was tremendously exciting to see it under construction and finally open to traffic.