About the NCIDQ Exam

Who administers the NCIDQ Exam?

The NCIDQ exam is administered by the Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ) - the certifying organization for interior design professionals. 

What is the NCIDQ exam structure?

The NCIDQ exam is divided into three sections: the Interior Design Fundamentals Exam (IDFX), the Interior Design Professional Exam (IDPX), and the Interior Design Practicum (PRAC 2), which are all administered by computer and machine graded. All three exams are available to take throughout the entire months of April and October. Learn more about each exam here:



PRAC 2.0

What are the current NCIDQ pass rates?

IDFX - 65%

IDPX - 59%

Practicum - 65%

What should I bring to the NCIDQ Exam?

Make sure to bring the following items to your exam. Please note the name on your ID’s must exactly match the name on your confirmation exactly.

  • exam confirmation letter
  • a current (unexpired) government-issued ID with your signature and photograph on it
  • a second piece of identification with your name and signature on it