Errata for Sample Examination for the PE Branch Examination in Industrial Engineering (IESE3), 3rd Edition

Question 1 (Q1): Answer is C (not B)

Q7 Answer: Replace The capacity of F is 8 x 600 x .80 x “.70  = 1344”  by 600 x .80 x “.80 = 3072”

Q13: In problem statement, replace “including tradein” by “after tradein” in two places.

Q15: In problem, replace (b), (c), and (d) by $5.06, $17.00, and $25.30. In answer: Replace  $2.00/hr  by $4.00/hr, in total cost, replace “$23.322/hr =$4.664/move” by “$25.322/hr = $5.064/move”.  Below, replace $23.322 by $25.322 and $21.00 by $17.00  (in two places in the line).

Q20: In problem, replace $6.20 by $6.30. In answer, replace (a) by (b).

Q21: In problem, in time for job J5 on Machine 1, replace 6 by 9.

Q44: Problem: change last sentence to read “…number of customers waiting for service is: “ and remove “customers” from all of the answers.

Q45: In answer, replace (b) by (a).

Q51: In question, replace 2.5 ft/sec by 3.0 ft.sec

Q58: In answer, replace 1,003 by 10,003