FE Other Disciplines Review Manual Index (FEODRMIDX)

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Copyright: 2014
Page Count: 32
Format: PDF
  • Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

    Author Information

    Michael R. Lindeburg, PE, is one of the best-known authors of engineering textbooks and references. His books and courses have influenced millions of engineers around the world. Since 1975, he has authored over 40 engineering reference and exam preparation books. He has spent thousands of hours teaching engineering to students and practicing engineers. He holds bachelor of science and master of science degrees in industrial engineering from Stanford University.

  • FE Other Disciplines Review Manual Index (FEODRMIDX)

    The FE Other Disciplines index is a time-saving tool to help you review more efficiently by allowing you to locate desired knowledge areas quickly and easily.

    This PDF version of the FE Other Disciplines Review Manual index provides thousands of entries and can be used as

    • a complete reference of key terms that enables you to find information about every knowledge area

    • a source to help identify related concepts and terms for every exam topic

    • a checklist of all knowledge areas to guarantee you don’t miss any topics on the exam

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    Comprehensive and straight to the point. Review by Luiz
    I like how comprehensive the manual is. But sometimes, I miss some step by step explanations on how to solve the examples. Some examples should have a "from the xx page of the reference manual...." That would make it easier for people who have been out of college for so long like me, to follow the book better an learn it easier. (Posted on 2/1/2018)