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FE LearningHub
FE LearningHub

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FE LearningHub

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It was a great experience preparing for the exam with PPI Learning Hub!
I wouldn't change anything. Thank you!

-Renuka R.

Awesome for practice in specific sections that you are having trouble on

-Elizabeth P.

I really enjoyed my studying experience with PPI.
Keep up the good work!

-Ricardo C.

LIVE COURSEInstructor-Led with Passing Guarantee


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With PPI's FE Civil Live Course, we guarantee you'll pass, or you can repeat the course for free.

Course includes 64+ hours of live lectures and problem solving demos with your instructor and classmates on scheduled dates/times for real-time interaction plus office hour sessions where your instructor will work through exam-like problems and help with homework.

Course also comes with a syllabus, printable handouts, reference manual, practice problems, two practice exams, a quiz generator with 1,000+ problems, diagnostic exams, and flashcards.


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