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ISBN: 978-1-59126-445-3
Copyright: 2016
Page Count: 800
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 11
  • Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

    Author Information

    Michael R. Lindeburg, PE, is one of the best-known authors of engineering textbooks and references. His books and courses have influenced millions of engineers around the world. Since 1975, he has authored over 40 engineering reference and exam preparation books. He has spent thousands of hours teaching engineering to students and practicing engineers. He holds bachelor of science and master of science degrees in industrial engineering from Stanford University.






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    FE Chemical Review Manual (FECHRM)

    Michael R. Lindeburg PE’s FE Chemical Review Manual offers complete review for the FE Chemical exam. This book is part of a comprehensive learning management system designed to help you pass the FE exam the first time.

    FE Chemical Review Manual (FECHRM) features include:

    • equations, figures, and tables of the NCEES FE Reference Handbook to familiarize you with the reference you’ll have on exam day

    • concise explanations supported by exam-like example problems, with step-by-step solutions to reinforce the theory and application of fundamental concepts

    • a robust index with thousands of terms to facilitate referencing

    • a guarantee that if you follow the guidelines described in the “How to Use This Book” section, you’ll pass the exam or we will refund your purchase*

    For additional review, pair your print manual with an FE Civil Subscription. Through the PPI Learning Hub, you can create a custom study schedule, and receive access to additional products like practice exams and thousands of practice problems. Click here to learn more.

    Topics Covered

    • Chemical Reaction Engineering

    • Chemistry

    • Computational Tools

    • Engineering Sciences

    • Ethics and Professional Practice

    • Fluid Mechanics/Dynamics

    • Heat Transfer

    • Mass Transfer and Separation

    • Material/Energy Balances

    • Materials Science

    • Mathematics

    • Probability and Statistics

    • Process Control

    • Process Design and Economics

    • Safety, Health, and Environment

    • Thermodynamics

    *Click here to view the guarantee page for complete details.


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    Customer Reviews (View All - 15)

    Great Book Review by Denis
    This is the perfect book to prepare yourself for the exam! Recommended! (Posted on 10/25/2018)

    Excellent review Review by Amazon.com Customer
    First things first...I do a lot of writing and often need to brush up or find additional information on topics that are outside of my own expertise. For years, I've found these review type materials one of the best ways to make sure I'm on the right track since it not only provides quick reference summaries but examples etc...it's like a detailed "cheat sheet" for writers, researchers and others. To that need, this is superb as it covers all the information I'm likely to need in a straight forward manner. The examples and other supportive information break it down in a way that allows me to follow along and double check myself. However, I'm not using this to study for the exam so it is outside of the intended purpose. On the other hand, for my purpose, this is terrific. (Posted on 3/22/2017)

    I love this type of reference manual Review by Amazon.com Customer
    This is a superbly produced reference manual for chemical engineering and covers the syllabus for the Chemical Fundamentals of Engineering exam. It also comes at a superb price but you get what you pay for. While it is not a study guide - there is a brief "diagnostic exam" at the start of each topic section that should clue you into how much of that section you actually need to review. This is an excellent place to go to brush up on stuff you are supposed to know already and it is comprehensive (enough that it could be almost your single working reference book). Unlike the similar manual for civil engineering, this book is less likely to go out of date when it comes to codes and standards - I think topic XIV on Safety, Health and Environment is the only section where standards might change unpredictably.
    The chapters are organized 16 sections or topics.
    I Mathematics
    II Probability and Statistics
    III Fluid Mechanics/Dynamics
    IV Thermodynamics
    V Chemistry
    VI Heat Transfer
    VII Engineering Sciences
    VIII Materials Science
    IX Chemical Reaction Engineering
    X Mass Transfer
    XI Unit Processes
    XII Process Control
    XIII Process Design and Economics
    XIV Safety, Health and Environment
    XV Computational Tools
    XVI Ethics and Professional Practice
    Some of these sections are quite long and the whole volume weighs in at 800 pages. The surprise to anyone who has not trained as a chemical engineer is that the section on chemistry is relatively short. Of course, chemical engineers know that chemical engineering is mostly about moving materials around. This entails knowing a lot of mathematics so that you can understand the equations involved in fluid dynamics and also in reaction kinetics. The physical side of chemistry and chemical engineering is heavily dependent on algebra and differential equations. The mathematics section alone would provide useful review &/or education for folks who are not actually engineers as it is so comprehensive.
    I am not going to list the chapters in each section. They are numerous and appropriate - trust me. The material in the chapters is clear, accurate and well presented in a terse kind of way and there are plenty of examples which are useful if you happen to draw a blank when staring at an equation without an example to give you context. (I don't have that problem but most people do and that gives ME a problem when I am trying to explain theory to others.) I think many people would find this book not only useful for review but also as a handy reference. (Posted on 3/22/2017)