Suggested Resources to Take into the Environmental PE Exam

Useful References for the Environmental PE Exam

These books have been recommended as helpful exam references by examinees from the past several administrations of the Environmental PE exam. We have provided titles and authors only; editions and publishers change frequently.

Air Pollution Control: A Design Approach, C.D. Cooper and F.C. Alley

Air Pollution: Its Origin and Control, Kenneth Wark, C.F. Warner, and W.T. Davis

CERCLA Regulations

Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment, Harold F. Hemond and Elizabeth J. Fechner-Levy

Chemistry for Environmental Engineering, C.N. Sawyer, P.O. McCarty, and G.F. Parkin

Definitions, Conversions, and Calculations for Occupational Safety and Health Professionals, Edward W. Finucane, ed.

Elements of Bioenvironmental Engineering, Anthony Gaudy and Elizabeth Gaudy

Engineering Field Reference Manual, American Industrial Hygiene Association

Environmental Engineers' Handbook, David H.F. Liu et al., eds.

Environmental Engineering: A Design Approach, A.P. Sincero and G.A. Sincero

Environmental Engineering and Sanitation, J.A. Salvato

Fundamentals of Air Quality Systems, Kenneth E. Noll

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, National Safety Council

Hazardous Air Pollutants Controls, EPA

Hazardous Waste Management, M.D. LeGrega et al.

Hazardous Waste Site Remediation, Domenic Grasso

HAZWOPER Regulations, OSHA

Health and Environmental Risk Analysis: Fundamentals with Applications, J.F. Louvar and B.D. Louvar

Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice, ACGIH

Integrated Design of Water Treatment Facilities, S. Kawamura

Integrated Solid Waste Management, George Tchobanoglous et al.

Keeping Buildings Healthy: How to Monitor and Prevent Indoor Environmental Problems, James T. O'Reilly et al.

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

NPDES Regulations

The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation and Control, Salvatore R. DiNardi, ed.

Occupational Safety and Health Guidance Manual for Hazardous Waste Site Activities

OSHA Technical Manual

Principles of Radiation Protection, K.Z. Morgan and J.E. Turner

Principles of Radiological Health, Earnest F. Gloyna and J.O. Ledbetter

Radiation Protection: A Guide for Scientists and Physicians, Jacob Shapiro

RCRA Regulations

Recommended Standard for Wastewater Facilities (''Ten States' Standards''), Health Education Services, Health Resources, Inc.

SARA Regulations

Semiconductor Industrial Hygiene Handbook: Monitoring, Ventilation, Equipment, and Ergonomics, Michael E. Williams et al.

Sources and Control of Air Pollution, Robert J. Heinsohn and Robert L. Kabel

Standard Handbook of Environmental Engineering, Robert A. Corbitt, ed.

Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 19th ed., a joint publication of the American Public Health Association, the American Water Works Association, and the Water Pollution Control Federation

Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds (Technical Release TR-55), United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (previously the Soil Conservation Service)

Wastewater Engineering: Treatment, Disposal, and Reuse (Metcalf & Eddy), George Tchobanoglous and Franklin L. Burton

Water Chemistry, Vernon L. Snoeyink

Water Supply and Pollution Control, Warner Viessman

Water Quality and Treatment, American Water Works Association

Water Quality Management, P.A. Krenkel

Water Resources Engineering, George Tchobanoglous et al.

Water Treatment Principles and Design, James M. Montgomery