FAQs for Instructors / Exam Cafe Sponsors

What is Exam Cafe?

Exam Cafe is a collection of more than 2,000 FE exam-style problems offered online by PPI. It allows you to create timed exams for your students and use the results (scores) to evaluate their performance conveniently, quickly, and affordably. Because Exam Cafe is online, it is available to you 24/7, so you can create, administer, and evaluate the results of your exams at your convenience. The whole process is designed to reduce the effort of testing your students.

How can I use Exam Cafe?

You can use Exam Cafe

  • to assess students' readiness for the FE exam.
  • to assess students' knowledge of specific engineering fundamentals topics (unrelated to the FE exam).
  • to give students' experience working realistic practice problems under timed conditions.


What kind of exams does Exam Cafe offer?

Exam Cafe offers a choice of exams that realistically simulate the FE morning and afternoon sessions. The afternoon exams include general, civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and industrial sessions--you select the one that is right for your students. You can pick full or half exams (4-hour or 2-hour), depending on how much time your students have.

How closely do the standard exams simulate the FE exam?

Students will see the same number of problems per topic on a standard exam as they will on the actual FE exam. The problems will also approximate the difficulty level of the FE exam--in other words, the morning problems are less complex than the afternoon problems.

What if I don't want a standard FE-type exam? Can I order something different?

Yes! You can order a custom exam, selecting the exact number of problems you want from the topic or topics that interest you. You can create an entire exam with nothing but thermodynamics questions if you like. Or you can create an exam with questions on all the available topics except electrical circuits.

So I can use Exam Cafe if I am just interested in testing certain subjects--not necessarily practicing for the FE exam?

Yes—this is a popular use for Exam Cafe. By choosing the custom exam option, you can create an exam tailored to your specific needs.

How much does it cost to use Exam Cafe?

Pricing for standard exams are:
$30.00 per student for a full AM exam (120-problem, 4-hour)
$24.00 per student for a half AM exam (60-problem, 2-hour)
$24.00 per student for a full PM exam (60-problem, 4-hour)
$12.00 per student for a half PM exam (30-problem, 2-hour)

Custom Exams: Pricing for custom exams is $.40 per problem, with a 5-problem minimum per exam. For custom exams, students will be allowed 2 minutes each for "morning-level" problems and 4 minutes for the more in-depth "afternoon-level" problems.

Can I print the exams?

No. The benefit of delivering exams online is that it removes all the effort to reproduce and score the exams from the instructor. Having your students' exams scored online allows you to see not only how individual students perform but also how the group as a whole is performing, topic by topic. And scoring is immediate—you get results as soon as a student completes the exam.

How soon can I see the exam scores?

Scores are available to you immediately online, as soon as each student finishes his or her exam.

How are scores broken down?

You can view score reports by your class as a whole, by individual student, by topic, or by how each student performed on each topic.

Do my students see their scores?

Each student will be able to see only his or her own score, broken down by problem and by topic.

Can I see the final exam I have created, including the solutions?

Yes, you may look at your exam after you have created it, and you will see the solutions as well. (Of course, the solutions will not be visible to your students when they take the exam.)

Can my students see the solutions?

No, your students cannot see solutions.

Do my students have to take the exam all at the same time?

You can administer the exam in a computer lab setting, where everyone takes the test together, or let students take it independently on their own time. As the sponsor, you choose the time frame in which your students can take the exam (7, 14, or 21 days, or longer if required) at the time you create the exam.

How is billing handled?

As the exam sponsor, you will be billed when your exam has been administered. You will be billed only for the actual number of students who take your exam. You may pay using a purchase order or by check or credit card.

You may also elect to have examinees pay their own exam fee at the time the test is administered. Examinees may use Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. As the Sponsor, you will still have access to the results of your exam, even if your students pay their own exam fee.

How do I get started?

To see the capabilities of Exam Cafe with no obligation, please register online, following the steps given here. You will quickly receive an email explaining how to order an exam. You will also receive the students' access code and instructions for them (should you decide to have your students take an exam that you create).

Ready to start? Go to ppi2pass.com/examcafe

Then, follow these instructions:

1. Click on "Enroll as an Instructor"

2. Fill in the required information and click on "Submit"

After you have submitted the registration, you will receive an email (probably within a few hours) with your password. You don't need to do anything until you receive the email with the password, which will include more instructions. Remember, you can create an exam in Exam Cafe without paying anything. Simply register as a sponsor, order an exam, and look it over. As long as you do not give the access code for the exam to anyone, the exam is not accessible to students and you will incur no charges.

I like the idea of Exam Cafe and would like my students to use it, but I would prefer not to be a Sponsor. Can students use Exam Cafe on their own?

Yes, they can. Send your students to ppi2pass.com/examcafe and tell them to click on the appropriate link under "Exam Candidates." Here they can work problems and create timed practice exams on their own.