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New from PPI! Create and take quizzes on specific knowledge areas to increase your knowledge level, improve your time management, and help focus additional study. View reports to gauge overall performance and review step-by-step solutions on individual questions. Custom quizzes are saved and can be retaken at any time. PPI's new discipline-specific FE Quiz Bank is delivered through our new learning management system, feprep.

If you are an exam candidate, choose your FE discipline below to choose your FE Quiz Bank access time (30- or 90-day access). If you are an instructor looking to build custom exams, visit the instructor link below.

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If you are an instructor looking to build a custom exam, click here. Try PPI's new FE Practice Exams: FE Civil, FE Mechanical, and FE Other Disciplines. If you are a college student who is taking an Exam Cafe FE Practice Exam that your instructor has prepared for your class, click here.



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