Electricity and Magnetism OnDemand Lessons for the FE Exam (FEEMOV)

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  • Electricity and Magnetism OnDemand Lessons for the FE Exam (FEEMOV)

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    These OnDemand Lessons are designed to maximize your comprehension of one of the FE exam's most challenging topics: Electricity & Magnetism. Watch step-by-step videos, apply the instruction to similar practice problems, interact with other participants, and repeat lessons as many times as you need to. Past examinees have consistently reported that Electricity & Magnetism is one of the most challenging topics on the FE exam, but you'll be fully prepared to solve these problems after reviewing Electricity and Magnetism OnDemand Lessons for the FE Exam.

    This complex numbers equation is taken directly from the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering Supplied-Reference Handbook, and uses the same variables as those found in the Handbook.


    Complete Coverage

    Through the course of the access period, which lasts 90 days, you’ll have access to numerous electricity and magnetism lessons. In all, you'll receive the equivalent of more than 8 hours of classroom instruction, broken down into small, user-friendly segments. The lessons are available 24/7, and you can watch them as often as you want during the access period.


    • Watch top-level engineering instructors visually walk you through each equation.

    • Listen to the instructors expand upon the basic information provided in the NCEES Handbook.

    • Reinforce your comprehension by solving the multiple-choice example problem that accompanies each lesson.

    • Interact with other exam candidates by discussing the lessons in the electricity and magnetism online forum.

    • Focus on the material you deem most important by reviewing each lesson as an independent module.

    • Familiarize yourself with the format, structure, and level of difficulty of FE/EIT exam problems.

    Subtopics Covered

    • AC Circuit Analysis

    • AC Circuit Elements

    • AC Power

    • Complex Numbers

    • DC Circuit Analysis

    • DC Machines

    • Electrostatics

    • Magnetism

    • Sinusoids

    • Three-Phase Electricity

    • Transformers

    • Transients

    • Resonance

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