Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers, Second Edition (EENEE2)


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ISBN: 9780881737776
Copyright: 2016
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  • S. Bobby Rauf, MBA, CEM, PE

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    S. Bobby Rauf, MBA, CEM, PE, has been a staff engineer in the plant engineering and plant maintenance departments at PPG Industries since 1981. He has managed numerous million-dollar projects with responsibilities ranging from safety and construction to commissioning of automation equipment. Bobby has been an adjunct professor at Gardner-Webb University since 1989. He has authored several books, and he has taught professional development courses for universities, professional associations, and corporations. He is a certified energy manager, and he holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University and a master of business administration degree from Pfeiffer University.



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    Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers, Second Edition (EENEE2)

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    This book is designed to serve as a resource for exploring and understanding basic electrical engineering concepts and principles, as well as related analytical and mathematical strategies. Topics include critical electrical engineering components of energy projects, electrical-related energy cost factors, tips on improvement of electrical energy intensity in industrial and commercial settings, an update on generation of electricity from renewal sources, principles of illumination and efficient lighting, and an explanation of important energy engineering terms and concepts. This new edition adds a new in- depth chapter on the battery. Batteries play a crucial role in our phones, computers, watches, light sources, kitchen appliances, health care equipment, automobiles, aircraft and more; and they play a vital role in making renewable energy sources more practical, viable and versatile. The basic facets of the battery and its sustainable and safe operation are explored. Also included is a discussion of the skills and preparation necessary for succeeding in the electrical engineering positions of various certification and licensure exams. Examples and case studies are included.

    Regular Price: $162

    Special Price: $50

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