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About PPI in General

"PPI's website has been a great resource to me not only in preparing for the exams (FE and PE) but also in navigating the entire licensing process." --Jim Dolezal, PE

"On a scale of one to ten, I'd give PPI a ten. I was extremely pleased with your website; it provides a wealth of information and helpful links. Purchasing through the web catalog was effortless and convenient. My order was received in a timely manner and was accurate. Thanks for your help in preparing me for the FE exam." --Mark Esposito

"I used the PPI website A LOT during my preparation, and it is an invaluable tool. Thanks for the great advice, resources, and tips...it made me a PE!" --Priscilla Ann Ochoa

About Mechanical PE Exam Products

"The Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual is a fantastic tool, detailed enough to provide an excellent review of mechanical engineering topics and simple enough for you to find information quickly under pressure of exam time limits. Indexes and tables of information are easy to find and use, and are very comprehensive." --Tyler Hulsebus, PE

"I immigrated to the USA from Ukraine in 1995. In 1999, after 19 years out of school, I passed the EIT test. In 2003, I passed the mechanical PE exam. Your products were not only helpful for my exam preparation, they were also a source for my English language study. If they worked for me, they should work for everybody. Thank you very much." --Oscar G. Schlafman, PE

"The Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual came highly recommended to me by another PE who had used it for his successful first attempt at the licensing exam. I purchased the book and put in the recommended 300 hours of study. During the exam, I relied on the MERM about 90% of the time. I passed the test on the first attempt! I would not have succeeded without it." --Andrew Bell, PE

"Just wanted to say 'Thanks a million' for putting out the best Mechanical PE reference material in the industry. I passed the exam on my first attempt. Keep up the excellent work." --Darryl Oster, PE

"Thank you for helping me pass the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam. I couldn't have done it without your books and materials. I have been telling all my colleagues to use your products; they are the best!" --Erik M. Watson, PE

"The Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual is an excellent book. It was my primary book for my exam review as well as my primary reference during the test. I just got my score and I passed! If I could have taken only one book to the test, MERM would have been it." --Robert Kacmarynski, PE

"I am so happy to say that I passed the PE exam in Mechanical Engineering this past winter--the first time I took it. I used the Reference Manual by Lindeberg about 80% of my exam and found it to be the best reference manual I could have had with me. Without it, I would have never passed." --Thomas Setzer

"I have to say that the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual was EXTREMELY helpful. I followed the course of instruction that Lindeburg uses, with more emphasis on the subjects Fluids/Thermal subject (I took that module in the afternoon), and felt MORE than prepared. I spent about 170 hours, far fewer than the book recommends, but the hours were HIGH QUALITY due to the layout of the book, the problem-solving methods listed for various situations, and the GREAT data tables, charts, etc. I especially appreciated the HHP table, the combustion data table, and the entire Pressure Vessel section. A GREAT BOOK, which I will recommend it to ANYONE I KNOW that is going to take the test." --Brian Webb, PE

"You are the best source of information anywhere! I could not have passed the PE exam without MERM and the advice on PPI's web page." --Sean M. Doll, PE

"The Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual is a great reference book during and after the test." --Dan Weber

"The Lindeburg books are great. I used them for both the FE and the Mechanical PE exams. Both times, I was over-prepared for the exams and breezed through." --David Summers, PE

"I owe passing the ME PE exam with flying colors to Michael Lindeburg's Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual. It helped make my studying both methodical and enjoyable. I followed his advice for studying and found myself well prepared and easily able to pass." --Srinath Balachandran, PE

"Thanks, PPI, for your help. I purchased your [ME] products and used the Passing Zone. Both were very helpful. Having tried to buy different materials and study on my own the first time and not passing, I realized the second time I needed to do something different. I PASSED!!"--Jason Babcock, PE

"I credit my passing the PE exam on the first try to the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual I purchased from PPI. Though this was not the sole reference I used during the exam, the exam strategies, self-study schedule, and general reference information were priceless. It's a must-have in any ME's library." --Brian J. Vokal, PE

"MERM was concise and truly enjoyable reading, if an engineering text CAN be enjoyable reading. I was never frustrated by use of a symbol, since all symbols were fully defined in the beginning of each chapter." --Sean Nolan

"MERM is well laid out from top to bottom. I especially liked the format of the chapters, which include contents, nomenclature, reading, examples, and practice problems consistently, no matter what the subject. I was skeptical at first, but MERM was worth every penny." --David A. Doles

"PPI's mechanical reference materials are excellent. There were 71 examinees in our session, and all had PPI materials. It was reassuring to see such confidence among my peers in PPI materials." --John Mooney

"There were no Mechanical Engineering PE courses available in my area, so I relied on the advice that I found in Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual in order to study for the exam. Given that it was the first time the exam was offered in the new format, I was somewhat dubious that the material would fully prepare me. However, I followed the recommended study schedule, bought the reference materials suggested, and completed the preparation checklist. I just received notice in the mail this week that I passed. Thank you for helping me to become a PE on my first attempt!" --Linda Morgan, PE

"The Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual was a great way of refreshing myself on all the material I had not used in several years. It also continues to be a great reference for me at work, as well." --Matthew Williams

"Don't waste time or money on other study materials. MERM is the best and only book you'll need to pass the PE exam." --Rebecca Aguirre

"During the PE exam, I noticed that I was the only candidate without the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual. At the lunch break, I asked to examine a copy and immediately discovered the best PE review book I've ever seen. How I wish the PE review class I enrolled in had used MERM instead of the book they selected! (I did use your FE review book and pass the FE exam on the first try.)" --Virgil Cochran

"Studying for the ME PE exam, I used the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual almost exclusively. I joined the Passing Zone and found their study schedule to be extremely helpful. During the test, the only reference I used was MERM (I had two milk crates full of other references that went unused.) I earned a great score! Thank you for an excellent job on your books." --Leo Hinze


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