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What PPI Customers Say

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About PPI in General

"PPI's website has been a great resource to me not only in preparing for the exams (FE and PE) but also in navigating the entire licensing process." --Jim Dolezal, PE

"On a scale of one to ten, I'd give PPI a ten. I was extremely pleased with your website; it provides a wealth of information and helpful links. Purchasing through the web catalog was effortless and convenient. My order was received in a timely manner and was accurate. Thanks for your help in preparing me for the FE exam." --Mark Esposito

"I used the PPI website A LOT during my preparation, and it is an invaluable tool. Thanks for the great advice, resources, and tips...it made me a PE!" --Priscilla Ann Ochoa

About FE Exam Products

"This was my third exam try, but my first attempt using the FE Review Manual. I am 100% convinced that sticking to the review schedule laid out in the review manual, along with doing EVERY problem and taking the practice exams EXACTLY the way the book described, was what finally helped me pass."--Allen Oertel (April 2004)

"I just received notification that I have passed the FE exam. I received my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering almost nine years ago and am now pursuing certification. After spending two months and nearly 60 hours studying for the test using the FE Review Manual exclusively, I felt that the test problems were less difficult than those I had been working through from day to day. Thank you for a very usable and understandable review manual."--Shannen Struckman

"I graduated with a BSE in 1997 and never really even thought of taking the FE. Five years later I get a job working in state government and my view was changed. I picked up Lindeburg's FE Review Manual along with the EIT Reference Manual and studied religiously for about three months (total of approximately 180 hours or so) and received the word today that I passed. I really believe that I couldn't have done it without the books. Thank you, PPI. Next step...the PE!" --Marc T.

"I have been out of school for 14 years and last winter I started studying for the FE exam. I had Mr. Lindeburg's FE Review Manual as well as [two review books by other authors]. It became obvious very quickly that Mr. Lindeburg's study guide was far superior to the others; in fact, I wound up using FERM exclusively for my review. I put approximately 180 hours into my exam preparation and in April 2001 I passed the FE exam! Mr. Lindeburg's materials are the main reason I passed (along with late-night studying)." --Rick Selensky

"The PPI FE manuals are the best source for the wide variety of topics that are on the exam. The information is presented in a clear and understandable manner. The format of the books is such that study time is not wasted." --David Schneider

"Your services were a real life-saver to me. Having graduated many years ago, I had to relearn just about everything from my college years to get past the FE exam (after serving 11 years as a military officer). Your FE study materials are exceptionally well organized and very comprehensive. I can't imagine having to relearn all this stufff without the use of your materials." --Bryan from Tucson, AZ

"The FE Review Manual is the only thing that you need for this exam. One book is absolutely enough." --Zhu Liu

"There is only one way for foreign professionals to take and pass the FE and PE exams--study with PPI publications." --Nick Prodanov

"I highly recommend the Lindeburg FE Review Manual. The review is well organized, and topics are broken up appropriately into chapters, which are short enough to work through in one or two evenings. A whole topic section can be worked through in one or two weeks--realistic studying for a working person." --Susan Jones

"Each chapter in the FE Review Manual was concise and well-written. I wish I could have owned the manual while taking my coursework." --Jason A. Reed


About PPI Endorsements

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