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About PPI in General

"Thank you PPI, I passed my first try with an 82% on the civil PE exam, transportation (afternoon). Your publications, the Passing Zone, and the advice from other exam takers was invaluable." --Robert J. DeVassie, PE

"PPI's website has been a great resource to me not only in preparing for the exams (FE and PE) but also in navigating the entire licensing process." --Jim Dolezal, PE

"On a scale of one to ten, I'd give PPI a ten. I was extremely pleased with your website; it provides a wealth of information and helpful links. Purchasing through the web catalog was effortless and convenient. My order was received in a timely manner and was accurate. Thanks for your help in preparing me for the FE exam." --Mark Esposito

"I used the PPI website A LOT during my preparation, and it is an invaluable tool. Thanks for the great advice, resources, and tips...it made me a PE!" --Priscilla Ann Ochoa

"Thanks to PPI for the best customer service I've received all year. You go out of your way to make a difficult time--preparing for and taking the exam--less stressful. You stand behind your products, and go the extra mile for the customer. That's rare today." --Charles Jacobs

"I recommend the Email Update service at PPI to everyone. Not only do you get good information about new exam policies, how to stay on your study schedule, and exam-taking tips, but you also get a little inspiration from time to time--just enough to keep you going. I think this service was almost as valuable as your books (which are excellent)." --Lambeth Michaels


About Civil PE Exam Products

"I graduated from college in 1982 and spent 20 years working in heavy construction. I only garnered my qualifying experience for engineering within the last five years. My only prep for the April 2004 exam was about four months of evening and weekend studying using a borrowed Lindeburg Civil Engineering Reference Manual. I've since purchased my own copy. It makes an excellent study guide and reference book." --Dan Baker, PE

"For the exam, the Civil Engineering Reference Manual is a must. It's a big, monster book, but it has nearly everything you could need all wrapped up in one binding. It's certainly the most efficient and effective reference per square foot of space on the exam desktop." --Troy Carmann, PE

"I used CERM to study for the PE exam, and found it provided a tremendous review. Not only that, but I actually enjoyed studying." --Dr. Russell J. Qualls, PE

"The Lindeburg book [for the civil PE exam] was phenomenal, the practice problems were invaluable. I just found out I passed my exam on the first try. It has been many years since I had any coursework on any of the subjects covered by the exam. In fact, in some of the subjects I had never had any coursework at all. With these disadvantages, I'd have to say CERM and the related materials were easily the single biggest factor that allowed me to do so well. The PPI website is easy to use, and the email update/assistance service was great." --Daniel Worth, PE

"The Civil Engineering Reference Manual was an essential item to have during my preparation for the PE exam, as well as a good reference during the exam." --Laura Ventre, PE

"I just wanted you to know that I ordered PPI books for my Civil Exam. They were just the right ones to use, and they worked because I just found out that I passed with flying colors. Thank you for your products and your reminder updates and emails." --Jeffery Coffin, PE

"I got my Civil PE exam results today and I am glad to say that I passed, thanks to you folks at PPI. I used the package that I ordered from you and, having been out of school for quite some time, the package became my primary refuge. I will encourage all my colleagues to make this very important investment as they prepare for their PE Exam." --N. Davies Mtundu, PE

"CERM is a must for this test! The in-depth index, huge cross-section of material, and practice qustions are priceless in both morning and afternoon sessions." --Scott McMorrow

"The Civil Engineering Reference Manual was the best. I depended heavily on it before and during the exam. I would recommend the PPI website to anyone taking the PE exam." --A. Salumbides

"The Civil Engineering Reference Manual and the email updates from PPI helped to give me the confidence I needed to go into the test totally relaxed. I don't think anyone should go into the test without that book." --Jeremy Evans

"I sat the civil PE exam in Transportation in April 2003 (20 years out of school). I passed the first time. CERM was most valuable." --Herrol J. Sadler, PE

"CERM is a wonderful product that not only prepares you for the exam but also provides valuable long-term information." --Fred Adcock

"I recently received word that I passed the Civil PE Exam. I would like to thank PPI for putting together an indispensable study guide. I took the Water Resources afternoon exam, and 95% or more of the morning and afternoon test questions were covered in CERM. One of my colleagues who took the exam on the same day used a reference book from another company and just missed passing by a couple of questions. Some of the questions he missed were definitions and terminology that were missing in his book. I did not have this problem with CERM and have no doubt that he would have gotten those few questions correct if he had the same book. I am glad that I made the right choice in what book to buy." --Allen Patrick, PE

"The Civil Engineering Reference Manual has to be the most organized book I've seen and used as a consultant. The Introduction was really helpful in that it gave me insight as to how to use the manual and how and what subjects to focus on in order to review and pass the PE exam--AND IT ALL PAID OFF!" --Eric Granholm, PE

"I think your civil products are excellent. I certainly could not have prepared without them. Anyone studying for the PE would be foolish not to use them. I think everyone who took the civil PE exam in October in Colorado had a CERM on their desk during the examination." --Tom Williams, PE

"Thank you, PPI, for the excellent Civil Engineering PE study materials. I am an Agricultural Engineer (by education) working for a Civil Engineering firm. To further my career with my current employer, I took the Civil Engineering PE. I needed a no-nonsense study package, and PPI provided it. I have just passed the exam. I can truly say that without the PPI study package I would have been a world of hurt." --Jeff Tripp, PE

"After graduating with a BS in Civil Engineering and working as an engineer for four years, I got the opportunity to work as a city police officer for the last five years. I then returned to engineering, applied for the PE and took it in April 2001. I wore out the pages of the Civil Engineering Reference Manual for six months straight, refreshing my engineering skills and preparing for the exam. I walked out of the exam feeling that your material prepared me as well as possible. Sure enough, I passed with room to spare. Thanks for a great resource, and it's good to be back in engineering." --Kevin Gorman, PE

"The CERM series is an excellent set of products. I wish I had bought the books right out of school and become familiar with them. This set is not only excellent for exam preparation, it has also become a very useful reference for my day-to-day work." --Mike Bivens, PE

"I thought the Civil Engineering Reference Manual was an indispensable asset for the PE exam. Without it, I believe I would not have passed. It covers most of the discipline areas and covers them well." --Jason P. F. Parrillo, PE

"Without Mr. Lindeburg's Civil Engineering Reference Manual, I would have been at a great disadvantage during the exam. The book is outstanding and will sit permanently on my book shelf as a reference for future problems." --Thomas W. Deibert

"I want to thank you all. Your fine products helped me to pass the Ohio Civil PE exam. I took the structural PM module, by the way. A special thanks to Michael Lindeburg, and those less publicized at PPI. CERM is top notch!" --Joseph C. Wellinghoff, PE

"CERM is clearly superior overall, and it would have been impossible for me to take the PE exam without it. Using it to review established the confidence I needed. 90% of the test qustions can be answered with this book." --Frank Hughes

"CERM is very well written and organized. I fully recommend this product to anyone planning on taking the PE exam." --Eric Rubalcava

"I used your publications to prepare for and pass the FE exam as an undergraduate. My day-to-day civil engineering practice does not expose me to enough test-related problems, so I chose your publications again to prepare for the PE exam. The practice problems in the Civil Engineering Reference Manual gave me enough exposure to each type of actual PE exam question to trek my way through them with confidence." --Gordon Wilson

"The Civil Engineering Reference Manual is a 'must have.' It was of even more use to me during the exam than I thought it could have been." --Marc Bailey

"The best thing about the Civil Engineering Reference Manual is that it's not JUST for taking the exam. The reference manual can be used any time in your professional career." --Cameron Lobato, PE

"The Civil Engineering Reference Manual is a MUST for studying for and taking the PE exam, and is also an excellent addition to my library after the exam." --Kimberly Finke

"I prepared for the exam using your Civil Engineering Reference Manual. What a tremendous resource, especially since most of my study time included a two-year-old at my side. I feel fortunate to have found the PPI website." --Lori Miskinses

"Thank you for your excellent reference materials for the civil PE exam. As you can tell, I passed my exam. Your CERM manual is excellent; it will be one my keepers for future reference." --Keith L. Webb, PE

"I was just notified that I passed the PE test for civil engineering. Thank you for your excellent reference material. It is no exaggeration to say that your publications were a major reason I was able to pass the test." --Ken Mattson, PE

"The Civil Engineering Reference Manual and sample examinations were exactly what I needed to pass the PE exam on the first try! I worked almost every problem available from these books and was well prepared." --Steve in MA

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