Chemical PE Prep Course (Special UNCC Discount)

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Chemical PE Prep Course (Special UNCC Discount)

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This prep course package includes a special $100 discount on the course. You are currently viewing the checkout page for this course. To view all details about the course, please click here. However, once you're ready to enroll, please be sure to enroll from this page to receive the additional $100 savings for being a UNCC partner.

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  • PE Chemical Prep Course - Tue/Thu, 7 p.m. Eastern Time (XCHON0718A)
  • PE Chemical Video Review (VRPECH)
  • PE Chemical Review
  • PE Chemical Practice
  • PE Chemical Quiz Generator
  • PE Chemical Online Practice Exam
  • PE Chemical Diagnostic Exams
  • PE Reference Knowledge
  • Alternative Item Types Practice Flash Cards (AITFL)

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