Maximizing Your Fundraiser

Getting the Word Out

First, customize the poster template we send after your chapter is registered for the fundraiser program. Next, print dozens of copies and hang them in places senior engineering students frequent, such as hallways, buildings, classrooms, and outdoor paths. Keep a list of the poster locations so you remember to go back and retrieve the posters after the fundraiser concludes.

In addition to promoting your fundraiser with flyers, you should also use Facebook, Twitter, and email to invite fellow seniors to your fundraiser.

If there is an FE/EIT exam review course on your campus or in your area, ask the coordinator if you can present copies of PPI's discipline-specific FE review books and practice problems books at the first session. This is a great time to pass around a sign-up sheet for your fundraiser. If the FE exam review course coordinator would like to review any PPI-published FE review materials, PPI would be happy to send a review copy.

To ensure the optimal FE exam review experience for your purchasers, make sure they register their books at to take advantage of PPI's new web-based FE CBT exam review tools.

Selecting Sale Days and Times

If you are conducting a table sale, it is generally best to conduct it on two separate days for at least three hours. Based on your location, determine which days and times senior traffic flow is greatest. We recommend two- to three-hour table shifts with two volunteers at the table at all times.

Form a committee to handle the various aspects of a successful sale. We recommend the following approach:

  • Fundraising manager responsibilities (1 person):
    • If you are running a table sale, get permission for use of your chosen location for the date and time of the sale.
    • Have members carry copies of the books to promote interest in your sale.
  • Advertising volunteer responsibilities (1-2 people):
    • Customize and print posters.
    • Distribute the posters in key locations to promote the sale.
    • Use Facebook, Twitter, and email to further promote the sale, if possible.
  • Table sale set-up volunteer responsibilities (1-2 people):
    • Set up a long table with two chairs on the day of the sale. Consider helium balloons or an enlarged poster on the wall to draw attention.
    • 15 minutes prior to the sale, bring any promotional materials you've printed and stack them on the table.
    • Do not leave the table unsupervised.
  • Table sale volunteer responsibilities (2-6 people):
    • Manage tables during the sale and work 2 to 3 hour shifts.
    • Discuss the FE exam review books with interested buyers.