PPI's Exam Review Materials

FE Review Manual, FE Civil Review Manual, FE Civil Practice Problems, FE Mechanical Review, FE Other Disciplines Practice Problems and FE Other Disciplines Review Manual

Best-Selling FE Review Materials

Designed to help examinees prepare to pass the NCEES FE Exams the first time, PPI's FE review materials provide a complete and comprehensive review of topics covered on the discipline-specific FE exams.

Discipline-Specific Study

Each book in the FE exam review series is designed to help candidates assess their exam topic knowledge and build their problem-solving confidence.

PPI also has online options to help exam candidates prepare to pass the FE exam. Visit feprep.com and create a free account, then take a free, discipline-specific FE self-assessment to help identify exam topic strengths and weaknesses. Exam candidates also gain access to a free FE study schedule when they create an feprep.com account.

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