Companion to the PE Civil Reference Manual, 16th Edition


PPI works hard to provide the highest quality exam material for all of our customers. The new PE Civil Reference Manual, 16th Edition that came out in May 2018 contains a small printing error in the Appendices table of content and Index. To ensure all examinees have the most accurate information for their study and on exam day, and to provide a long requested side-by-side resource to the reference manual, we decide to take this opportunity to publish the new PE Civil Companion for the Sixteenth Edition.

This concise edition includes:

  • • A comprehensive index to easily navigate to related coverage in chapters of your PE Civil Reference Manual
  • • Thousands of entries covering all topics and key terms in the PE Civil Reference Manual
  • • Over 100 appendices of essential support material. The charts, diagrams, codes, and tables in the Companion can also be   used to solve practice problems in the PE Civil Practice Problems, 16th Edition
  • • A glossary of over 550 common civil engineering terms to help you grasp key concepts

If you purchased a new authentic edition of the PE Civil Reference Manual, 16th Edition with a release date of May 2018 in the front cover, you are eligible for a special promotion to receive this new companion book for free.

To request your copy, please send proof of purchase of a new authentic edition of the PE Civil Reference Manual, 16th Edition to our Customer Service team using the form below and they can assist you with placing your order. Shipping is free in the contiguous U.S. *Please note, we are aware that there are counterfeit copies being sold as "new". If we identify the seller you purchased from as a supplier of counterfeits, you would not be eligible for this special offer.

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