Casio Calculator OnDemand Lessons Plus Calculator Package (CASIOC)

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Casio Calculator OnDemand Lessons Plus Calculator Package

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Maximize your time on exam day by knowing how to use your Casio FX-115 ES Plus Calculator. These 12 easy-to-follow video lessons will provide you with the training, tips, and shortcuts necessary for exam success. Prepare for the FE or PE exam with confidence by completing both quantitative and non-quantitative practice problems.

You can follow along with the online lessons anytime and anywhere, and all at your own pace. Each lesson contains step-by-step videos that demonstrate calculator functions most likely to be used on exam day.

You will have unlimited access to the online lessons for 60 days after purchase. They are an excellent reference tool throughout your exam preparation, and will give you added confidence when taking your exam.

Lesson Topics

  • Base-N Operations

  • Basic Operations

  • Basic Setup and Modes

  • Complex Number Calculations

  • Distribution Calculations

  • Equation Calculations

  • Function Calculations

  • Inequality Calculations

  • Matrix Operations

  • Statistical Operations

  • Symbolic Math

  • Vector Calculations


Casio's FX-115 ES Plus calculator is on the list of approved calculators for the NCEES engineering and surveying exams. Solve exam problems with the versatility and functionality of the Casio FX-115 ES Plus.

The Casio FX-115 ES Plus Calculator

  • Natural textbook 2-line display = You can find exact roots of quadratic functions, and it displays advanced notation in standard form.

  • Advanced mathematics = You can find the calculation of integrals, derivatives, and summation sequences with the appropriate notation templates. You also can easily identify local maximum and minimum.

  • Engineering functionality = You can access 40 pre-programmed scientific unit conversions. 

  • Enhanced capabilities =  You can utilize complex number calculation, simultaneous and polynomial equation solving, "Calc", "Solv", and base N calculations.

  • Power reliability = It operates on both solar and battery power.

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  • Casio Calculator OnDemand Lessons (90 Day)
  • Casio FX-115 ES Plus Second Edition Advanced Scientific Calculator

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