ARE 5.0 Learning Hub - 30 Day Preview

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ARE 5.0 Learning Hub - 30 Day Preview

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Most comprehensive online platform for all six divisions of ARE 5.0! Updated with even more practice exams, quiz questions and division-specific study plans so no matter which exam you are tackling, PPI has you covered!

PPI's ARE 5.0 Learning Hub offers comprehensive review, practice problems, and practice exams for each of the six divisions of ARE 5.0.

Regardless of which Division Exam you are focused on, this is the go-to-destination for your review needs.

Division Content in the ARE 5.0 Hub:

  • Practice Management (PcM)

  • Project Management (PjM)

  • Programming & Analysis (PA)

  • Project Planning & Design (PPD)

  • Project Development & Documentation (PDD)

  • Construction & Evaluation (CE)

Why use PPI's ARE 5.0 Learning Hub?

New features — 2019:

  • More than 1900 NEW flashcards have been added. Make sure you have core concepts, formulas, and principles down as you prepare for your division exam

  • Over 2500 division and topic-specific quiz generator problems, pulling from both PPI and Brightwood expertise

  • Additional practice exams — bringing you a total of 12 full-length division-specific practice exam simulations that weight the questions based on NCARB's section specifications

  • Create division specific study plans to review and assess your progress

Additional features of ARE 5.0 Learning Hub:

  • Web book, quiz engine, practice exam, and flashcards organized by division so it's easy for you to focus on what matters the most to you

  • Quizzes and practice exams all have built in timers to help manage your time, which is a big factor in determining your success on exam day

  • Study core concepts with access to the web book version of David Ballast's ARE 5.0 Review Manual that is current to exam spec and follows NCARB exam guidelines

  • Performance reports that let you track your weakness and strengths for each section

  • Take your review on-the- go with access anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet or phone

  • This is a non-renewing three month subscription. PPI offers a 7-day risk free trial. To learn more about subscriptions visit our Subscription FAQ's page.


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