What to Bring to ARE 5.0 Exam Day


When you get to the test center, you have to present a proper form of current identification that is not expired. You will not be admitted without it, and you can’t get your test fee refunded. The identification must have your signature and a recent photograph. Acceptable forms of identification are: a valid driver’s license, a military identification card, a national identification card, a valid passport, or a U.S. issued Green Card.

If you don’t have one of these or your ID doesn’t have both a photo and your signature, you must present two forms of unexpired identification from the following list. One of which must contain a recent recognizable photo and one of which must contain your signature:

    • valid driver’s license
    • military identification card
    • national identification card
    • valid passport
    • student identification card
    • state/province identification card
    • U.S. passport card

Other Items

You are not allowed to leave the testing center anytime during your exam (including breaks). You are required to leave all personal belongings outside the testing room. You’re not allowed to take anything into the testing room other than items given to you by the test center administrator (such as pencils, scratch paper, and earplugs), and your identification documents.

Small lockers are there to secure your purses, wallets, keys, cell phones, pagers, etc. However, lockers will not accommodate briefcases, laptop computers, or large purses and bags, so avoid bringing large items (bags, textbooks, notebooks, etc.) to the testing center.

Cell phones and calculators are not allowed in the testing room and cannot be accessed or used during breaks. Eating, drinking, and using tobacco is not allowed in the test center. Papers, books, food, purses, and wallets are not allowed in the testing room. No reference materials may be brought into the testing room or accessed from your locker during your exam.