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ARE 5 Group Subscription

Group Review for ARE 5.0 Exam

PPI's integrated online exam prep platform is the go-to destination for ARE 5.0 exam review. Our study philosophy has a simple framework: kick-off your studies with a customized PPI Study Plan, then "Review, Practice, and Assess" until you are ready for exam day.

Available in blocks of five users, PPI's Group Review offers a unique login for each member. Everyone in your group will be able to track their progress and follow their individual study plan. Each member will receive access to PPI's ARE 5.0 Review Manual, and enjoy PPI's powerful quiz engine. In addition, PPI's digital review platform includes six exam simulations that assign questions based on NCARB's divisions and sections.

With an ARE 5.0 Individual Subscription, you can

  • take your review on-the- go with access anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet or phone
  • test your skills with quizzes that draw from 1000+ problems, and are tailored to your skill level
  • practice with six exam simulations that assign questions based on NCARB's divisions and sections
  • study core concepts with access to a review manual that is current to exam spec and follows NCARB exam guidelines
  • save 20% when you add any PPI print product to your cart along with your subscription
  • save 15% when you enroll with a group of up to five users
  • start your studies with a risk-free 7-day trial


PPI study tools work together to provide comprehensive study, are current to exam specifications, and follow NCARB exam guidelines. To compare subscription plans, click here.

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