Five Can't-Miss ARE Updates from NCARB

 Written by: Katy Leedom
Five Can't-Miss ARE Updates from NCARB

It’s an exciting time to be an ARE candidate. With the release of ARE 5.0, new information is revealing itself daily. Keeping up with these updates can be difficult, but not impossible. Read on to discover essential ARE updates from NCARB that will help you on your path to licensure.


ARE 5.0 Cut Score


1. Earn a $100 Gift Card by Contributing to the Cut Score

If you’re among the first 600 candidates to take the ARE, not only will you contribute to the cut score (defined points on the score scale that determine the passing standard), but you will receive a $100 gift card from NCARB. NCARB will temporarily hold the release of ARE 5.0 score reports until the cut score of each division is decided, so encourage other ARE 5.0 candidates you know to test early.

ARE 5.0 Demo Exam

2. Navigate the New Testing Interface with NCARB’s Demo Exam

The ARE 5.0 Demonstration Exam is an interactive tool that helps you become familiar with the interface of the new test, and can be accessed easily through your NCARB Record.

ARE 5.0 Strategy


3. Review NCARB’s Tips for Boosting Your Test-Taking Strategy

To help guide your decision-making processes on exam day, NCARB has provided tips for boosting your test-taking strategy. These tips may give you the tools you need to answer as many questions as possible – an unanswered question counts as incorrect. Remember that you don’t need to answer the questions in order. In fact, it may benefit you to quickly answer those that are easiest first so that you have more time to focus on the tougher ones later.


ARE 5.0 Format

4. Learn the Basics of the New Format

NCARB has provided many resources to help familiarize ARE 5.0 candidates with hot spots, drag-and-place question types, and case studies. Check out the ARE 5.0 Guide to ensure that you’re ready to breeze through these updates.




5. Ditch the Term Intern with AXP

Formerly the Intern Development Program, AXP (Architectural Experience Program) was recently renamed in order to retire the term “intern.” Most architecture boards allow candidates to take the ARE while participating in AXP, but check with your board to see if you can start testing while still an AXP participant.

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