How to Become a PPI Subject-Matter Expert

To ensure PPI's high standards of quality are maintained, we rely on our team of content reviewers and other subject-matter experts (SMEs).

  • Ghostwriters add material to or rewrite material in original manuscripts or existing publications.
  • Technical and validity reviewers assess material for accuracy and appropriateness.
  • Developmental editors technically edit, suggest changes to, and/or rewrite material.
  • Calculation checkers determine if numerical calculations are correct.
  • Indexers create indexes for books in their areas of expertise.


Prior to publication, we send drafts to these SMEs, who perform their services as independent contractors. Our SMEs enjoy their work immensely, repeatedly accepting assignments from PPI. Several SMEs have gone on to become PPI authors.

PPI seeks subject-matter experts who

  • have licenses or certifications in the appropriate fields
  • possess practical or academic experience
  • employ a critical eye for reviewing, revising, and checking rough manuscripts to evaluate their technical accuracy and appropriateness, as well as their suitability for publication


It is not necessary to have been previously published to become a PPI subject-matter expert. The best way to start is by writing exam-like problems for PPI evaluation, or by contracting with us. To learn more about our publishing process, please review our Guidelines for PPI Authors and Subject-Matter Experts.

We regularly have open opportunities for contract subject-matter experts. For consideration, please complete and submit our subject-matter expert form. We may contact you for additional qualification and availability information, and will keep your information on file until an appropriate need arises.