How to Become a PPI Author

Learn about the rewards of publishing with PPI.

We are always interested in collaborating with new authors who have the following attributes:

  • technical credentials
  • superior writing skills
  • conscientiousness and accuracy
  • strong work ethic


We are currently seeking authors for several new products.

It is not necessary to have been previously published to become a PPI author or other contributor. The best way to start is by writing exam-like problems for PPI evaluation, or by contracting with us as a subject-matter expert. You may also consider teaming up with a colleague in a co-authorship. To learn more about our publishing process, please review our Guidelines for PPI Authors and Subject-Matter Experts.

PPI is also interested in hearing from qualified professionals who want to submit their own proposals for new products and publications. Although the majority of our products are in the professional design, planning, construction, and production fields, we regularly consider proposals from authors in a variety of fields. Professional certification and licensing proposals are particularly solicited.

Prior to submitting a proposal, please take these two steps.

STEP 1: Get Acquainted
Familiarize yourself with PPI’s writing specifications and standards by developing and writing content as a subject-matter expert. This also helps our editors gauge your ability to submit material that meets our criteria, and improves the likelihood that your proposal will be accepted.

STEP 2: Quick Read
Contact our Acquisitions Department to get a "quick read" on your idea. Just send an email to with "Proposal Quick Read" in the subject line. If your idea fits with PPI's current publication plans, you will be invited to submit a formal proposal.