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Reasons to Hire a Licensed Architect

 Written by: Katy Leedom
Four Reasons to Hire a Licensed Architect

Being able to call yourself an architect is just one perk of becoming licensed. After hours of studying, practicing, and testing, licensed architects can confidently take on unique design projects with knowledge and experience to back up their choices. This is why their clients trust them with important decisions, and why we are thankful every day for their expertise. Here are a few reasons we are thankful for licensed architects.

Licensed Architects Make Choices You can Trust

1. They make choices you can trust.

High-level knowledge of design practices and how to best avoid errors only comes with practice and studying, two things with which every licensed architect is intimately familiar. After participating in Architectural Experience Program (AXP) and passing the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), involving hours of studying, testing, and practicing in the field, licensed architects are equipped for success. Architects utilize their arsenal of knowledge to inform the decisions they make on a project, and in the process, build up the invaluable trust of their clients.

They Do It Right the First Time

2. They do it right the first time.

Saving time and money may not be the first thing clients think of when hiring a licensed architect, but it should be. Architects make decisions that prevent the need to correct issues caused by poor foresight or implementation, thus saving money and time spent reworking costly mistakes. Licensed architects plan for potential issues, taking into account all variables along the way.

They Go Green

3. They go green.

Smart design choices not only help avoid expensive errors down the road, but they also factor into deciding how to implement green elements into a project. Using recycled materials, installing efficient insulation, and energy conservation are all elements of green design that licensed architects can weave into their projects, saving both your wallet and the environment.

Licensed Architects Make Choices You can Trust

4. They make your vision a reality.

From designing solutions to completing paperwork, licensed architects manage a project from start to finish. Translating a client’s vision into reality while taking care of all the steps along the way isn’t always an easy task, but licensed architects have the experience and preparation to successfully guide them through it.

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