Why Buy From PPI?

Why Buy from PPI?

PPI products are available from many trusted providers. Regardless of where you purchase PPI products, you can count on PPI's quality support and service. However, there are substantial advantages to purchasing your products directly from PPI.

  1. Up-to-Date Content—We always ship the most up-to-date editions and printings available.
  2. Fast Order Processing—We ship your order within 24 hours of payment so you receive it quickly.
  3. Secure Purchase—We comply with the PCI Data Security Standard, which means we keep your payment card information safe and secure throughout the purchase process.
  4. Convenient Order Tracking—Easily follow the progress of your order on our website.
  5. Custom Study Schedules—Select books purchased through our website include access to custom, online study schedules to keep you on track for exam success.
  6. Over 99% In-Stock Availability—We manage our inventory in anticipation of peak demands so we have the products you need—when you need them. If we don't, we'll provide you with honest, professional backorder notifications.
  7. Exclusive Discounts—Want 10%, 20%, 30% off your next purchase? We always save the best deals for customers who purchase through our website.
  8. Experienced Customer Care—Our customer care team members live and breathe professional licensing exam prep every day. They can advise you on what you need to successfully prepare for your exam.
  9. Your Friends—Our team members are your friends during the exam review process. You have real people to talk to.