Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery (WETR2)

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Copyright: 2013
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Format: Hardcover
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  • Metcalf & Eddy

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    A book publisher, Metcalf & Eddy publishes a series of textbooks for students and environmental and engineering professionals.
  • Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery (WETR2)

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    Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse is an essential reference for civil and environmental engineers. The book describes the technological and regulatory changes that have occurred in wastewater engineering over the last 10 years and presents information on the current state of wastewater engineering technology.

    A Practical Reference for Wastewater Engineering

    • Addresses new developments and changes in the field of wastewater engineering for up-to-date coverage of important issues

    • Provides numerous example problems to enhance the understanding of wastewater concepts

    • Includes illustrations, graphs, diagrams and photographs which illustrate the principles and facilities involved in wastewater management

    • Contains tables to aid in the planning analysis, and design of wastewater management systems

    • Maintains a strong focus on advanced wastewater treatment technologies and stresses the reuse aspects of wastewater and biosolids

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to Wastewater Treatment and Process Analysis

    • Wastewater Characteristics

    • Wastewater Flowrates and Constituent Loadings

    • Wastewater Treatment Process Selection, Design, and Implementation

    • Physical Unit Operations

    • Chemical Unit Processes

    • Fundamentals of Biological Treatment

    • Suspended Growth Biological Treatment Processes

    • Attached Growth and Combined Biological Treatment Processes

    • Anaerobic Suspended and Attached Growth Biological Treatment Processes

    • Separation Processes for Removal of Residual Constituents

    • Disinfection Processes

    • Processing and Treatment of Sludges

    • Biosolids Processing, Resource Recovery and Beneficial Use

    • Plant Recycle Flow Treatment and Nutrient Recovery

    • Air Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Facilities and Their Control

    • Energy Considerations in Wastewater Management

    • Wastewater Management: Future Challenges and Opportunties

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