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Support Page For LEED&reg Professional Accreditation Examinees

In addition to our publications, we try to offer as much support as possible as you prepare for LEED AP exams. Here are some services and sources of information that we think will be helpful.

  • LEED FAQs Don't leave this site until you've read the FAQs for the LEED AP exams--you're guaranteed to learn something useful. If you have questions about the exam or any aspect of the accreditation process, chances are good you'll find the answer here.
  • LEED Links These are web sites with information and data that might be useful to you as you study for the exams.
  • LEED Referenced Standards and Documents The LEED reference guides and PPI's LEED Prep books refer to various standards and documents. This is a list of links where those standards and documents can be found.
  • U.S. Green Building Council
  • Green Building Certification Institute Administers the LEED AP exams.
  • Errata This page lists known errata for PPI publications. Use it to update your books as you prepare.
  • Online Catalog View PPI's complete selection of LEED review materials and place a secure order.
  • Catalog Requests Prefer to order by mail? Use our comment form to request a free copy of PPI's catalog sent to you via US mail.
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  • Give Us Feedback Here's your chance to tell us how we can help you. We highly value customer comments.
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