Six-Minute Solutions For Mechanical PE Exam Thermal and Fluids Systems Problems (SXMT2)

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Copyright: 2008
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  • Daniel C. Deckler, PhD, PE

    Author Information

    Daniel C. Deckler, PhD, PE, has worked on a wide variety of projects, including the space shuttle, space station, and anti-submarine warfare systems. He is now a professor of engineering at the University of Akron Wayne College, where he teaches courses in mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. He earned his master's degree in mechanical engineering and his PhD in engineering from the University of Akron.


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    Six-Minute Solutions For Mechanical PE Exam Thermal and Fluids Systems Problems (SXMT2), 2nd Edition

    Six-Minute Solutions prepares you to answer even the most difficult morning and afternoon thermal and fluids systems problems in just minutes. Learning important strategies to solve these problems quickly and efficiently is the key to passing the Mechanical PE exam.

    Six-Minute Solutions will help you pass with

    • 85 challenging multiple-choice problems, similar in format and difficulty to the actual exam

    • two levels of difficulty: 20 morning (breadth) problems and 65 afternoon (depth) problems

    • a hint for each problem, to help you get started on the right path

    • step-by-step solutions outlining how to answer problems quickly and correctly

    • explanations of the three “distractor” answer choices, so you can see where common errors occur and learn how to avoid them

    Thermal and Fluids Systems Exam Topics Covered

    • Codes and Standards

    • Heat Transfer

    • Related Principles

    • Energy/Power Systems

    • Hydraulics and Fluids

    • Systems

    • Equipment

    • Mass Balance

    • Thermodynamics

    • Fluid Mechanics

    • Properties of Materials

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    Customer Reviews (View All - 2)

    moderate Review by Lee
    compared to NCPEMT, huge efforts made for explanations and samples. Hope see some SI problems for familiarization. (Posted on 10/14/2014)

    Worth it Review by Emmary
    The goal of PPI of over preparing the PE prospects is the way to go. With that said, there is always the risk of prospects to over think the problems and look for solutions beyond what it is given to them. Nevertheless, I believe that being over prepared is better. The six minute solutions for Mechanical PE Exam booklet was very helpful. I loved that the author explained why the wrong answers were wrong. It was very difficult for me to do all the problems and I had to manage my time (with a family and all); but having the extra problems available is always good. (Posted on 10/27/2013)