Principles and Practice of Surveying Practice Exam

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Copyright: 2014
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  • George Cole, PhD, PE, PLS

    Author Information

    George M. Cole, PhD, PE, PLS, is a practicing surveyor. He is currently vice president of Applied Geodetic Services, Inc. He holds a bachelor of science degree from Tulane University and a master of science degree from Florida State University. Among his numerous publications are the Fundamentals of Surveying Sample Examination (PPI) and Water Boundaries (John Wiley).


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    Principles and Practice of Surveying Practice Exam (SVPPX3), 3rd Edition

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    New Edition. Realistic Multiple-Choice Problems for Exam-Like Preparation

    Principles and Practice of Surveying Practice Exam includes 100 multiple-choice problems presented in two sessions, with 67 problems in the first session and 33 problems in the second. Problems reflect the format, scope of topics, and level of difficulty of the NCEES Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS) exam. Step-by-step solutions to quantitative problems demonstrate efficient problem-solving approaches. Qualitative solutions present an explanation of the correct answer, with related supportive information such as surveying laws, regulations, and history.

    Taking the practice exam in this book within the same time limit as the actual exam will enhance your time-management skills. Solving problems using the NCEES-supplied reference will familiarize you with the exam’s only allowed reference. Using the included answer keys will help you to quickly evaluate your performance and identify areas requiring further review.

    Principles and Practice of Surveying Practice Exam will help you to:

    • effectively familiarize yourself with the exam scope

    • successfully connect relevant theory to exam-like problems

    • quickly identify accurate problem-solving approaches

    • confidently solve problems in an exam-like setting


    Exam Topics Covered

    • Business/Professional Practices

    • Legal Principles

    • Professional Survey Practices

    • Standards and Specifications

    • Types of Surveys



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