Civil PE Passing Zone Instructions

Please note: Screenshots from the Electrical PE Power Passing Zone are used as examples in these instructions. The Civil PE Passing Zone functions the same way, but the text and visuals will vary slightly between these instructions and the Civil PE Passing Zone. 

Login and Access
Passing Zone Study Schedule
Passing Zone Forum/Archive Forum 
Problems of the Week

Login and Access

  1. Click the link below. Use the same login (complete email address) and password you selected when you purchased the Passing Zone.

  2. In next screen, click Civil PE Passing Zone. This will take you to the main screen for the Passing Zone.
Passing Zone main screen

To return to the main screen for the Civil PE Passing Zone from another screen, click the Civil PE Passing Zone link in the left-hand navigation panel.
Note: You may notice a dark grey navigation menu running across the top of the screen. Please avoid using the top navigation menu, as selecting a menu item from this area will take you to our main website and away from the Passing Zone. You should only use the left-hand navigation panel to move through the Passing Zone. If you inadvertently select something from the top navigation menu, click your browser's back arrow button to return to the Passing Zone.

Passing Zone Study Schedule

The Passing Zone study schedule provides you with the reading and problem solving assignments for each week of the Passing Zone. If you have questions about the reading or the assignment you are working on, please post a question for the advisor in the forum.


Viewing the Passing Zone Study Schedule

  1. From the main screen for the Civil PE Passing Zone, on the left-hand navigation menu, click one of the weekly date ranges (e.g., January 31st – February 5th) listed under the Passing Zone title (Civil PE Passing Zone) to reveal the assignments for that week.
Passing Zone weekly schedule

Passing Zone Forum/Archive Forum

The Passing Zone forum is a question-and-answer message board where you can post questions related to the reading and problem solving assignments.
  1. To post your question or message, open the main screen for the Civil PE Passing Zone. You can access the forum in two ways: 
    • Click the Click here to access forum link in the Forum box located in the upper right corner.
    • Click the Civil PE Passing Zone Forum link located under each individual week.

      Passing Zone forum 
  1. Click the Add a new discussion topic button (in the upper-left area of the screen).
  2. Enter your desired topic (e.g. "Problems of the Week, W1 Q3") in the Subject line field and your message in the Message box that appears, then click the Post to forum button to post it. The subject of your message will appear in the Latest News pane on the right side of the screen.
The Passing Zone Archive Forum contains all posts from past Passing Zones. It is fully searchable by entering a keyword or phrase into the Search forums box. For advanced searching, click the Search forums button without typing anything in the search box, or click the Advanced search link. To access the entire Archive Forum without searching, click the Click here to access forum archive link in the Archive Forum box located in the right-hand navigation menu. 
Archive Search

Problems of the Week

The Problems of the Week provide you with additional practice for your exam and were created especially for the Civil PE Passing Zone.


Viewing and Working Problems of the Week for a Particular Week

  1. Under the appropriate date range for the week you are studying, click the Problems of the Week link on the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Click Attempt quiz now to review the quiz. You will be presented with the first question.

  3. You can choose to work through the Problems of the Week in one of two ways:
    • Choose an answer, assume it is correct, and click Next to move on to the next problem. You can also navigate to a specific question using the Quiz Navigation pane.
    • Choose an answer and click Check to see if the answer is correct. If not, choose a different answer until you find the correct answer, then click Next to move on to the next problem.

      Quiz navigation

Viewing Solutions for Problems of the Week

After the final problem, you will see a screen that shows which answers were correct, and which were incorrect. Click Submit All and Finish to reveal the problems and their solutions one by one. 
POW Submissions

If you want to review the problems and solutions at any time, click the link for the appropriate set of problems, then click the Review link. You can also work the same set of problems again from the beginning by clicking Re-attempt quiz.
Reattempt quiz