NCEES Exam Results Upload Form

To enter the raffle, please fill out the form below and upload a scan of your NCEES results by February 12, 2014. Please know that any information you provide to us is confidential. We value your privacy and will never share this information with anyone, nor use it in any way other than as internal quality improvement.

As a special thank-you for uploading your results, we will provide you with a 20% discount promo code* upon submitting your form. We also will enter you into our grand prize drawing for a chance to win a new iPad mini (three will be given away).


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* The 20% discount Promo Code is not valid on multimedia, distributed (non PPI-published) products, packages, Review Courses, Passing Zones, or prior purchases. The Promo Code is not valid in conjunction with other offers or promotions. The Promo Code is only valid through February 28, 2014.