LEED® Prep GA: What You Really Need to Know to Pass the LEED Green Associate Exam (LDGAPR)

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Copyright: 2009
Page Count: 184
Format: Paperback
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  • Holly Williams Leppo, AIA

    Author Information

    Holly Williams Leppo, AIA, is an NCARB-certified architect, an NCIDQ certificate holder, and a LEED AP.  Ms. Leppo has authored and co-authored several ARE and LEED exam review books published by PPI.  She holds a bachelor of integrative arts degree from The Pennsylvania State University and a master of architecture degree from Washington University in St. Louis.


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    LEED® Prep GA: What You Really Need to Know to Pass the LEED Green Associate Exam (LDGAPR)

    Rapid Preparation for the LEED® Green Associate Exam

    LEED Prep GA: What You Really Need to Know to Pass the LEED Green Associate Exam helps you review key information you will need to know to successfully prepare for the Green Building Certification Institute’s LEED Green Associate (GA) exam.

    LEED Prep GA
    offers a review of subject areas covered on the exam, along with a complete glossary, index, and a list of commonly used acronyms and resources. Assess your knowledge of the exam topics with 100 open-ended and short-answer questions designed to help prepare you for exam day.

    This Book Offers:

    • A concise review of LEED Green Associate exam subject areas

    • Comprehensive glossary, index, and list of commonly used acronyms and resources

    • 100 open-ended and short answer questions

    • Please note the USGBC updated its exam format in 2014, and this book has not been revised to reflect those changes. For an updated list of exam topics, please visit USGBC.

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    Customer Reviews (View All - 2)

    Really was "what I need to know" Review by Jacob
    This book was more helpful than the free study guides I found online, well worth the $30. It broke down the different types of certifications, as well as their areas, and how the points are alotted within them.

    What would have made this better, would be a table to show which LEED Certifications can crossover. Such as Commercial Interiors can be combined with Core & Shell, Neighborhoods with Homes, Schools even has some crossover to the more general certifications. I found alot of the practice exam questions dealt with certification crossover, and it'd be nice to have more data on that. (Posted on 5/14/2012)

    Great book to find your weak areas! Review by Jacob
    If you're an engineer like me, you have a "field of expertise" and using this exam I was able to find out what sections of the exam I was weak on so I could spot study those areas further. I learned quickly that questions on refridgerants and HVAC were not my strong point, whereas water conservation and materials reuse/recycling were sections I excelled at. After the first exam, I studied the areas i was weak on and came to increase my score by 15% with the 2nd exam. By the time I took the actual LEED GA I scored over 90%, while completing the exam in under an hour.

    PPI is my go to for any exam materials. End of story. (Posted on 5/14/2012)