Day-in-the-Life of an Engineer


Engineering Interview  April 11, 2013

What is your name? (first name + last initial)

George K.

What type of engineer are you?

I have Bachelor’s Degrees in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. I’ve worked as a calibration engineer for vehicle powertrains.

What certification exam(s) have you taken?

I’ve taken and passed the FE exam.

When did you take the certification exam(s)?

I took the FE in the fall of 2011, immediately after I had completed my core mechanical engineering classes (no electives).

What are you doing to change the world?

I’d like to think that I improve the safety, quality, and performance of the vehicles I work on but, because the automotive industry is so huge, my contributions realistically don’t change the world in-and-of themselves. I’m motivated to do my best every day so that I can add my small share of improvement to the company and to society. Hopefully each thing I do will make a process just a little more efficient, make some code execute just a little faster, or change a calibration so that one less vehicle needs to come in for service.

What was your inspiration for becoming an engineer?

I’ve always been interested in how things work. Combined with good grades in math and science, I chose engineering. After completing college, I realized that engineering was perfect for me because, in addition to learning about specific topics, engineering students learn how to learn. My natural curiosity was supplemented with the engineering mentality and now I can work in almost any industry that I want. Also, being honest, the high salary was enticing when I was selecting a major. Now that I’ve graduated, the fact that 100% of my graduating classmates found jobs right after graduation is also an important factor for prospective engineers to consider.

What do you attribute most to your success?

Find something you’re passionate about. I did a number of internships in college. These experiences taught me quite a bit and paid well (two of the main reasons I said that I wanted to become an engineer in the first place). During my internship experience in college, the last semester involved working with technology that I was really interested in, challenged my abilities without being overwhelming, provided a positive work environment, and gave me invaluable work experience. Once I found these things, I was more productive than ever before.

Did you use any PPI (Power to Pass) products when studying for your exam(s)?

I looked over the topics on the FE exam and felt that I knew them well. I just wanted a simple refresher so I used FERM3 (Lindeburg, 2011). This one was awesome. It covered everything I needed to know for both morning and afternoon mechanical discipline sessions. It also posed questions at a difficulty and length that was comparable to the FE exam. A number of my friends have passed the FE exam after I recommended that they buy the general review book by Lindeburg.

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