FE/EIT Practice Problem Package (FE2000)

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FE/EIT Practice Problem Package (FE2000)

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This package includes two practice problem books providing a total of 2,000 practice problems for FE/EIT exam review. Prepare for the FE/EIT exam with confidence by completing both quantitative and nonquantitative practice problems.


Product One: 999 Nonquantitative Problems for FE Examination Review (FESP)

Nonquantitative problems on the exam don't require numerical calculations, but rather an understanding of theory and principle. It's essential that you answer these questions fast, leaving yourself more time to work on solutions for the quantitative problems. 999 Nonquantitative Problems for FE Examination Review will bring you up to speed on the concepts you need to know. Answers are included. After working through 999 Nonquantitative Problems, you'll be prepared to handle FE/EIT exam concepts swiftly and confidently.

Product Two:1001 Solved Engineering Fundamentals Problems (EFPRB3), 3rd Edition

Here's a wide-ranging collection of practice problems typical of the FE/EIT exam in every respect. All exam topics are covered, and SI units are used throughout. These multiple-choice questions are conveniently arranged by subject—so you can work through just the areas where you need practice, or all 1001 problems. A full step-by-step solution is provided for each problem.

  • 1001 Solved Engineering Fundamentals Problems (EFPRB3)
  • 999 Nonquantitative Problems for FE Examination Review (FESP)
  • Customizable Book Tabs (TABPPI)

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