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  • Kenton Whitehead, PhD, PE

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    Kenton Whitehead, PhD, PE, is a registered professional mechanical engineer in California, Illinois, and Louisiana. He received his PhD in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech and has worked as an engineer for over 25 years. He has taught both Fundamentals of Engineering and Mechanical Engineering review courses for the Professional Engineering Institute.
  • FE Other Disciplines Assessment 1 (FEOD1A)

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    Target Your Strengths and Weaknesses

    Get an accurate picture of where you stand in FE exam preparation, and determine your study priorities.

    How can you know what areas you're already grounded in and where you're a bit uncertain if you never review your progress? Now, with our FE exam prep assessments, you can know exactly what areas to shore up. Each assessment comes with 60 non-quantitative questions spanning all of your chosen FE discipline-specific knowledge areas.

    Note: Assessment results do not provide a guarantee of passing the actual FE exam, but can be used to determine which knowledge areas to focus your study efforts for the greatest benefit. You will have access to two attempts of the assessment.


    Get a Head Start in Your Studies


    Discipline Specific

    Each engineering discipline requires different knowledge and a unique testing focus. These assessments keep your chosen discipline in mind, presenting only relevant questions for you to test against.



    Non-Quantitative Diagnostic

    Different from the quantitative problems provided in our quizzes, these non-quantitative questions allow you to accurately determine your exam-taking strengths and weaknesses in the shortest time possible. Though the assessments have unlimited time access, each can be completed in less than half an hour.


    Comprehensive Reporting

    You'll receive basic scoring results for each assessment, but we take this further through a suite of advanced reporting tools that pinpoint where you're comfortable and flag areas that may require extra study effort to master. When you have taken more than one assessment you can compare you scores and map your progress as you study.




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