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  • C. Dale Buckner, PhD, PE, SECB

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    C. Dale Buckner is a registered professional civil engineer in Virginia. Dr. Buckner has consulted on engineering projects, and he now teaches in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Virginia Military Institute. He holds bachelor of science, master of science, and doctorate degrees in civil engineering from North Carolina State University. He has authored several Structural Engineering and Civil PE exam review books, and he has served as a long-time advisor in PPI's Civil PE Passing Zone.
  • Kimberly Cameron, PhD, PE

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    Dr. Kim Cameron graduated from Princeton in 1999 with a mechanical engineering degree and certificates (minors) in engineering physics, applied mathematics, and materials science. She received her doctorate degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University in 2005, with a minor in materials science and engineering. She was awarded fellowships from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense, and Lucent Technologies. Since graduating from Stanford, she has worked in the mechanics and materials group at Exponent, where she provides consulting services on a variety of engineering problems.
  • James Kamm, PhD, PE, LEED AP

    Author Information

    James Kamm, PhD, PE, LEED AP, is a professor in the department of engineering technology at the University of Toledo. He received his bachelor's degree in Physics from Carnegie-Mellon University and his doctorate in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering from the Ohio State University. He has received numerous engineering and teaching awards, and has been the owner-operator of James Kamm Technologies, an engineering development and manufacturing company, for the last 20 years.
  • R. Wane Schneiter, PhD, PE

    Author Information

    R. Wane Schneiter, PhD, PE, is the Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of the Faculty at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). He joined the VMI faculty in 1990. Prior to his appointment as dean, he served as the head of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and held the Benjamin H. Powell Jr. '36 Professorship in Engineering. His professional engineering activities have included consulting services on environmental issues to a wide array of public and private clients. He holds bachelor of science and doctorate degrees in civil engineering from Utah State University.

  • FE Mechanical Flashcards (FEMEFL) - 120-day

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    Thanks to mobile study access, these flashcards are available wherever and whenever you want to study. Created as the perfect supplement for FE exam preparation, these flashcards empower you to study at a moment's notice, testing your recall while helping you review all the essential principles, equations, laws, formula and more.


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    You won't miss a thing in FE exam prep thanks to these comprehensive flashcards, covering all the essentials, such as conversion factors, dynamics, fluid mechanics, mathematics, and much more.


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