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  • Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

    Author Information

    Michael R. Lindeburg, PE, is one of the best-known authors of engineering textbooks and references. His books and courses have influenced millions of engineers around the world. Since 1975, he has authored over 30 engineering reference and exam preparation books. He has spent thousands of hours teaching engineering to students and practicing engineers. He holds bachelor of science and master of science degrees in industrial engineering from Stanford University.

  • FE Electrical and Computer Practice Exam 1 (FEEE1EX)

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    Realistic, Full-length FE Electrical and Computer Practice Exam

    Gain hands-on experience and test your knowledge in a simulated FE exam environment.

    PPI’s FE Practice Exams accurately simulate the NCEES FE exam that you will experience at a Pearson VUE testing center.

    Within reason, the similarity is as true to the actual exam as PPI could make it. The functionality, sequencing and branching options, layout, button wording, and even the basic colors are what you will experience in the actual exam. In addition to a true representation of the interface, Practice Exam questions accurately represent NCEES questions in level of difficulty, knowledge area distribution, wording, and multiple-choice formatting. As with the actual exam, Practice Exam questions are grouped by knowledge area, and they can be solved with the searchable online reference document provided.

    Some features of this Practice Exam deviate significantly from the actual NCEES FE exam functionality. These deviations are primarily for your benefit. They are: (1) the ability to pause your Practice Exam at any time for any duration; (2) immediate grading, analysis, and reporting of your results; and (3) the ability to view the full solution of any question on the exam. These features will not be present during the actual exam.

    After submitting a Practice Exam for grading, you will be provided with a detailed analysis of your performance. You may also review your responses, the correct answers, and complete solutions to all questions. Each FE Practice Exam purchase offers two Practice Exam attempts.


    Side-by-Side Reference and Problems


    PPI's FE Electrical and Computer Practice Exam mimics the online experience with a side-by-side presentation of questions and reference material. Answer questions while referencing a fully searchable set of equations, tables, and figures that is equivalent to the NCEES FE Reference Handbook.


    Timed Exam Experience


    Practice answering questions with a timer to simulate the FE exam’s two sessions and break period. Use PPI's exam-like navigation--such as answer, next, previous, flag for review, and more--to avoid any hesitation during the actual FE Electrical and Computer exam.


    Like the actual FE exam, PPI's Practice Exam is split into two sessions, each with approximately 55 questions (totaling 110 altogether). Schedule five hours and 20 minutes to complete both sessions, with one 25-minute break after completion of the first session. Use a 24-inch monitor to further mimic the FE exam experience.



    Immediate Practice Exam Reporting


    In addition to a simulated exam experience, PPI's FE Electrical and Computer Practice Exam offers a summary of all selected answers to review prior to submission, and immediate grading after Practice Exam completion. This reporting covers performance by knowledge area, as well as access to complete solutions for all problems.


    All FE Electrical and Computer Knowledge Areas Covered


    • Circuit Analysis (DC and AC Steady State)

    • Communications

    • Computer Networks

    • Computer Systems

    • Control Systems

    • Digital Systems

    • Electromagnetics

    • Electronics

    • Engineering Economics

    • Engineering Sciences

    • Ethics and Professional Practice

    • Linear Systems

    • Mathematics

    • Power

    • Probability and Statistics

    • Properties of Electrical Materials

    • Signal Processing

    • Software Development


    Browser Requirements

    The FE Electrical and Computer Practice Exam requires the use of Firefox 25 or newer, Chrome 31 or newer, or Safari 5.1 or newer. Using Internet Explorer may increase display and response load times and may cause some formulas and features to display inconsistently.

    Don't know your browser version? Find out here.

    To download versions of these browsers, visit their websites:

    Firefox | Chrome | Safari



    Additional FE Electrical and Computer Products and Support


    • FE Electrical and Computer Review Manual Web Book: Full-text searching, note-taking, and bookmarking capabilities, with interactive diagnostic FE Electrical and Computer exam problems and automatic scoring

    • FE Electrical and Computer Assessments: Diagnostic problems to evaluate your familiarity with FE Electrical and Computer exam knowledge areas

    • FE Electrical and Computer Flashcards: Online flashcards for quick, on-the-go review

    • FE Review Programs: Coaching and instruction that provide structure and personal feedback as you prepare for the FE Electrical and Computer exam

    • Study Schedule: Customizable study schedule with targeted reading and homework assignments leading up to your selected exam date


    Introduction to FE Practice Exams from PPI on Vimeo.


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