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FE Electrical Live Online Review Course

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Save $266 with this package that includes your course, required materials, and additional study tools. Normally $1,961 for all items, you’ll receive the price of $1,695 for purchasing all items together as a package.

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About the Course

PPI's FE Electrical Live Online Review Course provides the tools you need to effectively prepare for and pass the NCEES FE Electrical exam. Since 1975, our time-tested curriculum, expert instructors, and comprehensive materials have successfully prepared more than 3 million engineers.

In addition to 68 hours of live online and OnDemand instruction, you’ll complete homework from the FE Electrical and Computer Review Manual and Electrical Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/EIT Exam by PPI Founder Michael R. Lindeburg, PE. You will also receive access to online quizzes, flashcards, an assessment, and a practice exam that simulates the computer-based NCEES FE exam. Please read below for a complete list of course features.

Your Review Course Package Includes:

  • 68 hours of online instruction from an expert, with a thorough concentration on exam topics. The 68 hours is broken down as follows:

    • 42 hours of live online lectures. Follow along and interact with the class as your instructor reviews key engineering concepts. All lectures are also recorded and posted to your course page for OnDemand viewing at any time throughout the program.

    • 16 hours of OnDemand Problem Solving Workshops. Watch videos of an expert instructor working through exam-like practice problems in your FE discipline.

    • 10 hours of live online office hours. Ask questions about the homework, review additional practice problems, and interact with the instructor and other students. All office hours are also recorded and posted to your course page for OnDemand viewing at any time throughout the program.

  • Industry-leading books and study tools by PPI Founder Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

  • Detailed course handouts to download and print for convenient note-taking

  • Instructor-graded homework assignments from a structured syllabus

  • An online discussion forum for interaction with the instructor throughout the course

  • Access to an online test environment that simulates the NCEES FE exam

  • Additional online quizzes to help assess your progress

  • A guarantee you will pass the exam (or you can repeat the course for free)

Knowledge Areas Covered

This course covers all Knowledge Areas of the NCEES FE Electrical and Computer exam:

  • Circuit Analysis

  • Communications

  • Computer Networks

  • Computer Systems

  • Control Systems

  • Digital Systems

  • Electromagnetics

  • Electronics

  • Engineering Economics

  • Engineering Sciences

  • Ethics and Professional Practice

  • Linear Systems

  • Mathematics

  • Power

  • Probability and Statistics

  • Properties of Electrical Materials

  • Signal Processing

  • Software Development


The October-December course is offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and prepares you for a January-March exam date. You have the flexibility to attend the live online classes, or watch the recorded sessions OnDemand at a later time. Please click the link below to view the schedule for this course.

The final day to access recordings, handouts, the forum, and submit homework is Monday, December 19, 2016.

Required Materials & System Requirements

This review course package includes all the required materials and study tools you'll need to successfully complete the course—by purchasing together, you save 15%.

This online course is hosted on Adobe Connect. To view system requirements, click here.


Online study tools included in your package are delivered through PPI's FE exam preparation website, feprep.com.

  • FE Electrical Practice Exam. Gain hands-on experience and test your knowledge in a simulated FE exam environment.

  • 90-day access to the FE Electrical Quiz Bank. Select from thousands of quantitative and non-quantitative practice problems to create custom online quizzes.

  • 90-day access to the FE Electrical Flashcards. Study at a moment's notice with online flashcards that cover all knowledge areas.

  • A 60-question FE Electrical Assessments. Diagnose your strengths and weaknesses with an online assessment.

Review Course Only

To purchase the review course without the required materials, click here. Please note that the 15% package savings is only valid if you purchase the review course with the required materials in one initial transaction. Savings cannot be applied retroactively after purchase. Proof of purchase or ownership of all materials is also required to qualify for PPI's Passing Guarantee.

Instructor Bio

Risk-Free Enrollment & Guarantee

If you took the FE exam and are waiting for results, you can still enroll in this review course. If you find out that you've passed your exam, PPI will happily refund 100% of the cost of enrollment.

In addition, you can enroll in this review course if you are waiting for your exam application results. If, for any reason, you cannot sit for your exam, you can defer your enrollment to the next course.

Click here for complete Risk-Free Enrollment details.

PPI is confident that you will pass your exam after completing this course. If you do not pass the exam (and you have met the course completion requirements), you may repeat the course for free. For complete guarantee requirements, view PPI’s Guarantees Page.

  • FE Electrical Live Online Course (XFEEEON1016A)
  • FE Electrical and Computer Review Manual (FEEERM)
  • Electrical Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/EIT Exam (DSEE2)
  • FE Electrical and Computer Quiz Bank (FEEEQB) - 90 day
  • FE Electrical and Computer Flashcards (FEEEFL) - 90-day
  • FE Electrical and Computer Assessment 2 (FEEE2A)
  • FE Electrical and Computer Practice Exam 1 (FEEE1EX)
  • NCEES FE Reference Handbook, Version for Computer-Based Testing (NCEES9)
  • Engineering Unit Conversions (UNIT4)
  • FE Kit - FE Exam Practice Paper and Pen
  • Casio FX-115 ES Plus Advanced Scientific Calculator (FX115ESP)
  • Customizable Book Tabs (TABPPI)

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Customer Reviews (View All - 12)

Solid Preparation. Review by Yury
The Course was helpful. It keeps you on track with enough information provided to pass FE Exam. The only thing that can be improved is mistakes on the Presenter Slides during the classes. It confuses when you are trying to digest a new information. Finally I had a feeling I needed to double check whatever the Lecturer gave us during the lectures which is tnot good. (Posted on 2/11/2016)

Course really helps in preparation Review by Cordero
I took the FE exam once prior to taking this class and failed after
taking this course It helped me prepare not only for the format of
the new test but also in gaining knowledge in all the subject matters.
There's a lot of material in this field and can seem overwhelming if you
don't have any guidance on what you need to know; the course material helps
guide you through what you need to study for so you don't get overwhelmed
and study irrelevant material. (Posted on 2/11/2016)

Good course (I passed!), material and class schedule need improvement Review by Natalie
I think it started off at a good pace, and then oh my gosh, all of a sudden we were way behind schedule. I felt like PPI was jamming everything down our throats last minute to ensure they had covered everything within the allotted time, without having to add another day to the course. Bad move, I felt demotivated at the end to even continue viewing the last class, because who would sit down through an 8 hour course??? Yes, 8 hours, talk about overkill, and then you were still expected to submit homework assignments and practice exams for credit.
With the click of a button, the problem was solved on the screen. Not like it's an old fashion thing, but it would be nice to see the step by step on how you got to the final solution. I found myself all the time going back to the recordings and going over the same problem to see how it was done, when there wasn't enough time in class or office hours to discuss, because sometimes it was just a simple problem, and I didn't want to feel like I was wasting anyone's time (especially when we were behind schedule).

The Good! Even though the slides/charts weren't that accurate, I did like the book and the practice problems. I just went ahead and did them over and over again. Having a study schedule did help to ensure that I kept at it.

Overall, it was a good course, I felt like it did prepare me for what was coming. I took the test, and I felt like I was able to answer every problem that came up except COMPUTERS, felt like that may have needed a bit more discussion. But hey, I passed, and I have PPI to thank for that. Thank you so much, and thank you Gregg for your patience and instruction. I just signed up for the PE training course, and am looking forward to it. Even with some of the kinks here and there, I would recommend this course to my friends.
(Posted on 2/11/2016)