Fundamentals of Surveying Exam Topics

The Fundamentals of Surveying exam has a total of 170 problems multiple-choice problems. Examinees must work all problems.

Subject Approximate
% of the Exam
Algebra and Trigonometry 6
Higher Math 4
Probability and Statistics 4
Basic Sciences 3
Geodesy and Survey Astronomy 4
Computer Operations and Programming 5
Written and Verbal Communication 6
Cadastral Law and Administration 6
Boundary Law 7
Business Law, Management, Economics, and Finance 4
Surveying and Mapping History 4
Field Data Acquisition and Reduction 6
Photo/Image Data Acquisition and Reduction 3
Graphical Communication, Mapping 5
Plane Survey Calculation 7
Geodetic Survey Calculation 5
Measurement Analysis and Data Adjustment 6
Geographic Information System Concepts 4
Land Development Principles 5
Survey Planning, Processes, and Procedures 6
Total = 100%


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